Best Chlorophyll Supplement in 2024: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Chlorophyll Supplement

Best of the Best
World Organics Mega Chlorophyll
Runner Up
Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll
Best on a Budget
Now Liquid Chlorophyll
World Organics 100 mg Mega Chlorophyll, 120 Count
Puritan's Pride Chewable Chlorophyll with Natural Spearmint Flavor, 100 Count
NOW Supplements, Liquid Chlorophyll, Super Concentrated, Internal Deodorizer*, Mint Flavor, 16-Ounce
Best of the Best
World Organics Mega Chlorophyll
World Organics 100 mg Mega Chlorophyll, 120 Count
Runner Up
Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll
Puritan's Pride Chewable Chlorophyll with Natural Spearmint Flavor, 100 Count
Best on a Budget
Now Liquid Chlorophyll
NOW Supplements, Liquid Chlorophyll, Super Concentrated, Internal Deodorizer*, Mint Flavor, 16-Ounce

Chlorophyll is a vital ingredient for keeping plants looking green and staying as healthy as possible.

It only makes sense then that supplementing with such an ingredient can lead to some health benefits worth having.

Some of the main benefits associated with chlorophyll supplements include helping the immune system, detoxifying the blood, and providing an energy boost.

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

World Organics Mega Chlorophyll
930 Reviews
World Organics Mega Chlorophyll
World Organics Mega Chlorophyll is a great product to start with if you’re new to chlorophyll supplements. It’s organic, and comes with many glowing recommendations from past customers.

Our Other Top Picks for Chlorophyll Supplements

Best Chlorophyll Supplement Reviews

World Organics Mega Chlorophyll (⭐ Best of the Best)

We believe that World Organics Mega Chlorophyll is the best chlorophyll supplement around.

This supplement contains 120 capsules, each providing a 100mg dosage of chlorophyll. 100mg is a large dosage for chlorophyll supplements which makes this supplement one of the best to go with if you struggle with body odor, and are looking for something to take care of it. Deodorant and chewing gum might disguise bad smells emanating from the body, but chlorophyll can work to remove them completely.

Care is taken to ensure that the chlorophyll is sourced exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves, so you can be sure that each capsule is as effective as the last. The recommended dose is 1 or 2 capsules taken on a daily basis to accompany a meal or a glass of water. This should mean that the supplement lasts you at least 3 months, but maybe even longer than that.

You’ll find chlorophyll supplements usually come in liquid or capsule form, World Organics’s product falls into the latter category, and that makes this particular supplement a convenient option. If you prefer the simplicity of taking a capsule every day without any strong flavours then this is a solid option to get your fill of chlorophyll.

Other ingredients in this chlorophyll supplement include a proprietary green blend organic spirulina, and organic alfalfa barley grass. This imbues each capsule with even more health benefits and ensures you get a good fix of antioxidants, vitamins, and an overall energy boost.

Past customers praise this supplement for working well, which is obviously one of the biggest concerns with any health supplement. Particularly people who have tried World Organics Mega Chlorophyll before like that it helps with digestion, hormone imbalances, and body odor issues. In particular, the customers who take this supplement on a regular basis have noted that they no longer have to deal with bad breath.


  • 120 capsules 
  •  100 mg each capsule
  •  Includes organic spirulina green blend and organic barley grass
  •  Organic

Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll (🥈 Runner Up)

If you’re looking for something fun to chew on with all the health benefits of chlorophyll, then Puritan’s Pride has just the supplement for you.

These chewable tablets from Puritan’s Pride should satisfy those who enjoy chewing gum and taking supplements in enjoyable ways. No need to swallow large capsules or swallow strong-tasting liquid, just pop one of these tablets in your mouth and chew. 

What’s great about these specific chewable tablets is that they have a refreshing spearmint flavor, which really will make it seem like you’re supplementing with a stick of chewing gum. Given that one of chlorophyll’s primary health benefits is removing body odors, adding spearmint flavor to these tablets seems like a real stroke of genius. The spearmint will make your breath wonderfully cool and fresh-smelling in the short term as the chlorophyll gets to work providing longer term benefits.

This product has been touted as a great choice for smokers trying to give up the habit, and for anyone who eats one too many onions or seasons everything they eat with garlic. Having this chlorophyll supplement next to your front door can be a real lifesaver, whether it’s a date you’re going on or just a casual meetup with friends, it will remind you to freshen your breath on a regular basis. Plus, unlike chewing gum, these chewable tablets won’t just cover up the odor but actively remove it.

Previous customers love the fact that they can take this chlorophyll supplement in the form of chewable tablets. The taste is a positive of this supplement for many people, as each tablet has a nice minty flavor. One of the most common things past customers have praised about this supplement is its ability to deal with bad breath, and stomach issues. It is also said to help with digestion, so it can be a great supplement to take after a big meal to help the body process the food correctly.

A single tablet a day is all you need to take, and each tablet has 3mg of sodium copper chlorophyllin in it. There are no artificial colors or flavors used in this supplement, no preservatives, and it’s gluten and soy free.


  • 100 chewable tablets
  • Spearmint flavor
  • Soy free and gluten free
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors 
  • 3mg of sodium copper chlorophyllin in each tablet 
Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll
475 Reviews
Puritan’s Pride Chewable Chlorophyll
Puritan’s Pride chewable tablets with spearmint flavor are fantastic if you want a way to tackle bad breath with long-lasting results.

Now Liquid Chlorophyll (💰 Best on a Budget)

Now Foods is well known worldwide for its affordable yet effective health supplements, and this Liquid Chlorophyll supplement is one such example.

This is the first example of liquid chlorophyll that we’ve covered in this guide, and it’s one of the most common ways to take the green pigment. This chlorophyll supplement is 16 fluid ounces, and provides over 90 individual servings. It’s a health supplement that is marketed as an internal deodoriser, which means it targets bad breath and promotes cleansing. The last part refers to the fact that chlorophyll is an integral part of photosynthesis for plants which makes it great for helping the body detoxify. By neutralising free radicals, this liquid chlorophyll can help detoxify the body and freshen up breathe.

This chlorophyll supplement is GMP quality assured, which means that the NOW manufacturing process has been heavily scrutinised and meets high standards. This is a big deal, given that not a lot of chlorophyll supplements seem to have this same level of quality assurance. With supplements one of the most important factors is whether or not they are exactly what the manufacturers say they are, and how much of the ingredients are just filler. With NOW’s liquid chlorophyll you know that you’re getting the real deal.

Customers who have used Now’s Liquid Chlorophyll claim that it really works, and can eliminate everything from underarm odor to other unpleasant body odors. Unlike deodorant and chewing gum though, this is a product that goes to work on the underlying causes of odors rather than just covering them up. As a result, you should notice real changes in how you smell, to the relief of you and everyone around you.


  • Liquid chlorophyll
  • 16 fluid ounces 
  • GMP quality assured
  • 5mg per serving
NOW Liquid Chlorophyll
16,282 Reviews
NOW Liquid Chlorophyll
This Liquid Chlorophyll from Now Foods is a great GMP quality assured option for detoxifying the body and cleaning up bad odors.

Unicity Super Chlorophyll (🥄 Best Powder)

If you’re looking to take chlorophyll in powdered form then it’s well worth checking out this option from Unicity. 

Taking chlorophyll as a powder can be a great way to get a good fix of the green pigment in a single serving. The main benefit of taking chlorophyll in powder form is that you’ll get more of the good stuff with every serving, and you can easily mix it in with your favorite drinks and foods.

This is a product that is intended to restore the pH balance within the body, aid with wound healing, and detoxify the body. It’s also great for removing bad odors. It is best consumed in 100ml of water, but you can mix it with other drinks if you prefer. 

Previous customers seem to enjoy this chlorophyll powder and claim that it has helped with a variety of health issues and odors.


  • 92g jar 
  • 100% chlorophyll powder

Nature’s Way Chlorofresh (🌲 Best Internal Deodorant)

This liquid chlorophyll supplement from Nature’s Way is our top pick for the best internal deodorant, as it will help cleanse your system and keep the body feeling fresh and odor-free.

This is a liquid supplement, which comes in a 16 fluid oz bottle. A single serving suggestion is 2 tablespoons, which should last you around 16 servings in total, with each serving providing 132mg of chlorophyll. As a natural supplement all you’ll find in this liquid chlorophyll aside from chlorophyllin is water, vegetable derived glycerin, and oil of mint. The last ingredient is an important one, and this is what helps give the supplement a fresh taste and helps keep the body smelling great.

While it’s easy to spray on some deodorant or have some chewing gum, these are usually only temporary solutions for body odor, that really only cover up the bad smell. What Chlorofresh does as an internal deodorant is get to the root cause of the bad odor, whether it be from the mouth or somewhere else, and eliminate as much of it as possible. You use this supplement as if it were a mouthwash, and that’s how you get the most out of its cleansing, freshening benefits.

Customers who regularly take this liquid chlorophyll supplement appreciate how easy it is to dissolve in a glass of water or use as part of healthy green smoothies. Many claim that it aids with digestion, and keeps the body smelling minty fresh, for the mouth as much as other areas like the underarms. It’s also not bad to drink either given that it’s unflavored, which should be a relief to anyone who has tried supplements before that have strong tastes.


  •  16 fluid oz liquid chlorophyll 
  •  Includes water, vegetable derived glycerin, and oil of mint
  •  Unflavored
Nature’s Way Chlorofresh
735 Reviews
Nature’s Way Chlorofresh
Nature’s Way Chlorofresh is one of the best ways to take chlorophyll if you’re interested in a fast-acting internal deodorant to keep things fresh.

The Ultimate Guide to Chlorophyll Supplements

As with any health supplement, while it might seem like all of the options are the same, there’s actually more to consider than you may at first think.

Chlorophyll is an interesting green pigment found in plants that has a host of health benefits, the most notable of which is its ability to eliminate body odor.

However, it has many more benefits than this, which we’ll cover in more detail briefly.

There are also various ways of taking chlorophyll so it’s worth figuring out your preferences so you can seamlessly integrate it into your daily routine.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a pigment in plants which contributes to their green appearance.

It’s role in the plant is to aid with the process of photosynthesis, which is what helps the plant to sustain itself with food.

While a lot of health supplements are flowers, plants, or their derivatives, there are exceptions, and chlorophyll is one of them.

It may seem odd that a pigment that plays a role in photosynthesis for plants can be used by humans for all kinds of health benefits, but it can.

The main reason why chlorophyll is considered to be a great ingredient for a health supplement is due to its vitamins, antioxidants, and detoxifying ability.

The supplement can help detoxify blood in the body, but more importantly for a lot of people, reduce and eliminate odor produced by the body.

An interesting fact about chlorophyll supplements is that they aren’t really made using the chlorophyll that’s found in plants.

Rather, they use the very similar chlorophyllin, which has copper in it instead of magnesium. This is to help the body digest it properly.

So whenever you see chlorophyll supplement, the chances are it’s actually its derivative chlorophyllin, although the difference is minor.

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll supplements are often associated with detoxifying the body and clearing up bad odors coming from the body, but there are a few other claimed benefits which you might be interested to know.

Can Eliminate Bad Odors

The number one benefit of chlorophyll supplements, or at least the number one reason people take them, is to eliminate bad odors associated with the body and breathe.

Touted as a natural deodorant, chlorophyll has been shown to help eliminate odours.

The evidence suggests that while it may be effective for reducing body odor, it’s less likely that it can help with bad breathe.

Anti Inflammatory

As a powerful anti inflammatory, chlorophyll supplements can help reduce the signs of inflammation on the skin.

This is true more of ointments and topical application than it is for capsules that are to be taken orally.

There’s some evidence to suggest that it can help alleviate the irritation and red bumps caused by acne too.

Could Improve Red Blood Cells

Chlorophyll supplements can help improve red blood cells in terms of quality.

While this is by no means conclusive evidence, there’s plenty to suggest that taking these supplements or drinking wheatgrass juice can help.

Detoxifies the Body

From taking chlorophyll supplements regularly, you can boost the detoxification process in your body which can help reduce the incidence of certain tumours.

This could help prevent the growth of cancer, although there isn’t a great deal of evidence to back this up.

Can Fight Signs of Aging

When applied topically, chlorophyll has been shown to effectively work against the signs of aging.

It can reverse some of the signs of aging when used as part of skin creams, although taking it as an oral supplement might not have the same effect.

Reduces Acne

Another effect of applying chlorophyll topically to the skin is a reduction in the appearance of acne on the skin.

When used as part of a skin gel, there’s evidence to suggest that chlorophyll could help with acne lesions and skin irritation.

How to Take Chlorophyll

There are several different ways you can take chlorophyll in supplement form, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The main ways to take it are with capsules, in liquid form, as chewable tablets, or as a powder.

Here’s an overview of all 4 types of chlorophyll supplement and the pros and cons of taking each.


Taking chlorophyll in capsule form is one of the most common ways to get the green pigment, as it is with most health supplements.

There’s a reason why you typically associate vitamins and healthy products with capsules, and that’s because it’s the most convenient way to get your daily recommended dosage.

The convenience of capsules is that all you need is a glass of water and you’re good to go day or night. You can also easily take the supplement with you if you spend a night in a hotel or need to travel and want to maintain your daily dosage.

The capsule is an effective way of getting things into your body, and can provide a higher dose than a liquid or chewable tablet. A good example of this is World Organics Mega Chlorophyll offering 100mg in each capsule as compared to the 5mg of the liquid and chewable tablet supplements in this guide.

You also get a much longer shelf life with capsules as compared to the other forms of supplements.

Plus, perhaps best of all, you won’t need to taste whatever ingredient is in the supplement with capsules. Chlorophyll doesn’t sound like something that tastes great, right? For that reason, you can potentially dodge a bullet by taking it in capsule form.

The downsides?

Swallowing capsules isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, and it can definitely be off putting.

If this describes you, then discard capsule supplements since you might arrive at a point at which you can no longer stomach them.

Another downside of capsules is that while they can offer a relatively high dose, they pale in comparison to powdered supplements.

Plus they can’t be as integrated into your daily eating and drinking habits like liquids, powders, and chewable tablets can. You just have to establish a separate habit for taking chlorophyll capsules.


Health supplements typically come as capsules and powders, so having chlorophyll in liquid form is an interesting prospect.

Essentially though the liquid form of a supplement is going to be more or less the same as a powdered one in terms of the quantities involved and benefits/downsides.

The liquid supplement is great for getting as many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as possible.

They can be quite convenient too, as a drop or two should suffice each day.

The downsides to liquid supplements are that they can be more expensive, have more filler ingredients, and have a shorter shelf-life than capsules.

Oftentimes manufacturers will fill out liquid supplements with all kind of flavorings, colourings and preservatives which means you get less of what you actually want.

Plus as a generally more expensive option you might feel disappointed with the value for money depending on the concentration of chlorophyll.

Chewable Tablet

The chewable tablet is one of the more enjoyable ways to take a health supplement, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you ever took gummy vitamins when you were younger then you’ll know exactly how fun taking supplements can be.

The great part about taking chlorophyll as chewable tablets is that they are often given a fresh minty flavor as in the case of the Puritan’s Pride tablets.

This makes them not only a great way to remove the odor behind bad breath but also a nice minty treat to have first thing in the morning.

While chewable tablets tend to have smaller doses, they are perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy swallowing large capsules.

They also tend to enjoy a long shelf life along with capsules.

The downside is you won’t get as much of the chlorophyll as you would with capsules, and manufacturers will often add sugar or sweeteners to make the tablets palatable.


The best part about powdered supplements is that they provide high quantities and can be easily blended into your favorite foods and drinks.

The reason why you often see protein in powdered form is because people building muscle want as much of it as possible in a short space of time, and capsules or other forms of supplementation can’t provide as large a quantity in a single serving.

If you’re looking to integrate chlorophyll into your daily diet as seamlessly as possible, then taking it in powdered form is probably the way to go.

You can add it to a nice green smoothie, a hot drink, or even a soup. That makes it versatile, and easy to take. The taste of the ingredient will either be palatable or will be covered by other flavors so it eliminates the problem of bad-tasting supplements.

The drawbacks of the powder form are that they can upset the stomach due to the high concentrations, and are often filled out with artificial ingredients and sweeteners.

Food Sources

You can also get chlorophyll from certain green vegetables like spinach and green beans and fresh herbs.

There’s even homemade recipes for making your own chlorophyll supplement by using parsley and water.

Wheatgrass is an especially chlorophyll rich food too, which can be great in a juice for getting your fix of the green pigment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chlorophyll Supplements

What’s the best chlorophyll?

We believe that the best chlorophyll is World Organics Mega Chlorophyll.

This supplement is both organic and offers potent capsules at 100mg each, making it very effective for targeting the root causes of body odor.

There are many satisfied customers who have taken this supplement and praise its efficacy, which is a great indication that this product works as it should.

What are chlorophyll tablets used for?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment that comes from plants, and is often used for medicinal purposes.

In tablet form chlorophyll has a range of health benefits including helping with bad breath and constipation.

There are a lot of other things they can potentially do for you too, although the evidence is still lacking to give guarantees.

How long does it take chlorophyll to work?

The answer to this question will depend largely on what your daily dose is, and how you supplement with chlorophyll.

Most people claim that it takes around 2 weeks for the effect to truly kick in, although this number may vary.

Does chlorophyll have side effects?

While chlorophyll can provide numerous health benefits such as detoxification and deodorisation of the body, it has been shown to cause several side effects too.

One of the most common complaints related to supplementing with chlorophyll is gastrointestinal issues.

These include diarrhoea, cramping, and in some people it can even cause stool to appear green.

A Final Word from Energetic Lifestyle

Taking a chlorophyll supplement on a daily basis can rid you of bad breath and unpleasant body odor.

Depending on your preferred type of taking a supplement, you shouldn’t have too bad a time finding the perfect one for you.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.
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Energetic Lifestyle Team

Our detailed review has been contributed to by multiple members of the Energetic Lifestyle Review Team to ensure the best research and highest standard of quality. Have a good or a bad experience with one of the products? Please let us know, we love the feedback!
  • Katrina says:

    is spirulina itself a worthy source of chlorophyll? could I just order a bottle of that and take it or is it better to have a dedicated supplement for chlorophyll. asking for a friend 🙂 thanks!

    • Energetic Lifestyle Team says:

      Spirulina is a great option as well and is a good source of chlorophyll. It depends on your goals and daily requirements which you choose.

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