3 Best Egg White Protein Powder Picks in 2024

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Best Egg White Protein Powder

Best of the Best
Now Sports Nutrition Egg White Powder
Runner Up
Julian Bakery Paleon Thin Protein Powder
Best Unflavored
Judee’s Egg White Protein Powder
NOW Sports Nutrition, Egg White Protein, 20 g With BCAAs, Creamy Chocolate Powder, 1.5-Pound
Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Protein Powder | Chocolate | Egg White | Soy Free | 22g Egg White Protein | 3 Net Carbs | 2.18 LBS | 30 Servings
Judee’s Unflavored Egg White Protein Powder for Fast Blending 2.2 lb - 100% Non-GMO, Keto-Friendly, Pasteurized - Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo-Friendly, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free - Made in USA
Best of the Best
Now Sports Nutrition Egg White Powder
NOW Sports Nutrition, Egg White Protein, 20 g With BCAAs, Creamy Chocolate Powder, 1.5-Pound
Runner Up
Julian Bakery Paleon Thin Protein Powder
Julian Bakery Paleo Thin Protein Powder | Chocolate | Egg White | Soy Free | 22g Egg White Protein | 3 Net Carbs | 2.18 LBS | 30 Servings
Best Unflavored
Judee’s Egg White Protein Powder
Judee’s Unflavored Egg White Protein Powder for Fast Blending 2.2 lb - 100% Non-GMO, Keto-Friendly, Pasteurized - Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Paleo-Friendly, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free - Made in USA

Egg white protein powder may sound unusual, but given the high protein content of eggs, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

One of the main reasons people look to egg white protein powder over the more popular variety of whey is because it is both dairy and fat-free.

As a result, egg white protein powder is an excellent option for those looking to lose weight, or those following a keto or paleo diet which demand little to no carbs.

👑 Our Pick for Best Egg White Protein Powder

Now Sports Nutrition Egg White Powder
952 Reviews
Now Sports Nutrition Egg White Powder
Now Sports Nutrition egg white powder is an excellent protein powder that holds its own with high quality ingredients.

Our Other Top Egg White Protein Powder

Best Egg White Powder Protein Reviews

Now Sports Nutrition Egg White Powder (⭐ Best of the Best)

Our top pick for the best egg white protein powder is Now Sports Nutrition egg white powder.

This large 680g tub of egg white powder comes in two flavor options: creamy vanilla and creamy chocolate. This will come as a relief to many, since the thought of consuming powdered egg whites on their own isn’t that appealing. Both flavors mask the taste of the egg whites well, and should mix perfectly with milk for a delicious pre or post-workout milkshake.

This protein powder from the hugely popular brand Now Foods uses nothing but high-quality protein extracted from egg whites. So good, in fact, that it rates well on the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, which is the most accurate measurement of a protein’s quality. As such, you can rest assured that with this egg white powder you are getting nothing but the very best for your body. This should put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge that the manufacturer hasn’t compromised on quality.

But protein from egg whites isn’t all you get with this powdered supplement. Now Foods also went ahead and threw in some BCAAs into the formula, for added health benefits. BCAAs are a top natural source of protein, which should add even more value to every scoop as far as your body is concerned. The combination of the egg whites and BCAAs adds up to around 20g of protein in total with every serving, which is more than enough to fuel muscle gains and keep you feeling satiated throughout the day. It’s a great substitute for eggs in the morning, especially if you don’t have the time or willpower to cook them up before you have to head out the door.

This supplement is GMP Quality Assured, and has an NPA A-rated GMP certification which means that at every step of the manufacturing process, there has been thorough third party examination which extends to the laboratory and testing methods. Each part of the process was scrutinized heavily with regards to the supplement’s stability, potency, and product formulation. The fact that it passed such a high level of scrutiny means that it’s as high quality as Now Foods claims it to be.


  •  Available in creamy chocolate and creamy vanilla flavors
  •  20g protein
  •  680g tub
  •  Includes BCAAs
  •  GMP Quality Assured

    Here are the reasons we decided to go with Now Sports Nutrition as the top egg white protein powder:

    1. If you’re looking for a good egg white protein powder, one of the most important factors is the quality of the protein. This supplement ticks all the boxes in that regard, so you know you’ll be getting only the very best protein for your body.
    2. There’s a large amount of protein in every serving, which is helped by the inclusion of protein-rich BCAAs.
    3. The flavor options of the supplement are welcome, especially given that egg white powder can be unpalatable for many.


Julian Bakery Paleon Thin Protein Powder (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best egg white protein powder is Julian Bakery Paleo Thin.

This supplement is geared more towards the paleo diet, and is suitable for this low-carb way of eating since it has just 3g net carbs and 0g sugar. What’s most notable about this egg white protein powder is that it comes in a staggering number of different flavors, so you can choose the one which sounds most palatable to you. Among the flavors are the warming pumpkin pie, the sweet cinnamon roll, and the energizing espresso flavor. It’s important for some people to find an egg white protein powder that has different flavors, since the idea of ingesting egg white power on its own isn’t all that appealing.

Relying on just pure egg white powder and lecithin, this supplement has only two star ingredients which are complemented by four extras, so it’s a very minimalist option. What’s good about this is you know that there won’t be an abundance of artificial ingredients which can have mixed effects on the body. If all you’re interested in is a solid egg white protein powder that’s infused with great flavor, then you needn’t look further than this supplement from Julian Bakery.

Each serving contains as few as 108 calories, and no fat whatsoever. This is what makes the supplement suitable for those on a diet or looking to lose weight. With each scoop you get a staggering 25g of protein, too, which is a healthy dose that should both satiate and provide fuel for the body. This makes it perfect for hitting the gym, as it should consolidate any muscle gains you make to promote improved muscle mass in the long run. The formula is even infused with probiotics, which should help your gut to thrive. And while the supplement is quite sweet due to the flavors, the sweetener is naturally-dervied from monk fruit.


  •  Available in many flavors
  •  990g bag
  •  GMO-free and soy-free
  •  6 ingredient formula
  •  25g protein per scoop
Julian Bakery Paleon Thin Protein Powder
279 Reviews
Julian Bakery Paleon Thin Protein Powder
If you’re looking for an egg white protein powder that has a very minimalist formula, and a high protein content, then you’ll love Julian Bakery’s Paleo Thin supplement.

Judee’s Egg White Protein Powder (🌟 Best Unflavored)

Judee’s egg white protein powder is our pick for the best unflavored egg white protein powder.

This protein powder is unflavored, and is one of several alternate protein powders offered by Judee’s, along with brown rice and pea proteins. Judee’s is a brand that focusses on producing high-quality keto and paleo-friendly supplements that are free from gluten. That’s a big reason why the brand decided to offer up an unflavored egg white protein powder option. The decision to only offer an unflavored option is bold, but the reasons for doing so are clear. The brand wants to steer clear of artificial ingredients as much as possible, and offer up a health supplement that is suitable for most people to take. 

This 998g bag of unflavored egg white protein powder has 20g of protein per serving, just a single gram of carbohydrates, and 100 calories. The protein powder is infused with a small quantity of lecithin, which is what allows the egg whites to fully dissolve in liquid. Without the inclusion of this ingredient, it would be a lot more difficult to make a protein shake or smoothie, so its addition is necessary. The supplement is non GMO, and free from gluten, nuts, soy, and dairy. This is one of its main appeals, since it is available to people with all kinds of dietary restrictions and preferences.

As an unflavored egg whiite protein powder, your best bet if you want it to be palatable, is to mix it in with snacks. There are some excellent recipes out there for egg white protein powder, including one on the Amazon product page for this supplement for a no bake vanilla cheesecake. So while the thought of consuming egg white powder on its own may seem unappealing, there are plenty of things you can do with it to make it more appetising.


  •  Unflavored
  •  998g bag
  •  Non GMO
  •  Free from gluten, nuts, soy, and dairy
  •  20g protein per serving
  •  Keto and paleo-friendly
Judee’s Egg White Protein Powder
1,027 Reviews
Judee’s Egg White Protein Powder
If you want an egg white protein powder that’s unflavored and easy to work with, then give Judee’s supplement a go.

Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right egg white protein powder for you isn’t easy.

There are many factors to consider in the decision-making process, and they will depend on everything from your dietary needs to your personal preferences.

Some of the most important factors are the quality of the protein, as well as the ingredients used and those which aren’t used.

But before we get into specifics, let’s zoom out for a moment to consider why you should invest in egg white protein powder and how it compares to whey protein.

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Why Choose Egg White Protein Powder?

Egg white protein powder isn’t one of the most popular types of protein powder, with whey, casein, and hemp protein being some of the most common.

However, just because you may not have heard of it before, egg white protein powder is worth your time.

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in an egg white protein powder is the lack of dairy.

The dairy in whey and casein protein can prove difficult for the body to digest, and can cause issues to those with dairy allergies.

But also, when it comes to whole foods, eggs score highest on the form of protein measurement which is referred to as PDCAAAS.

This means that they are a high-quality source of protein, which makes them satiating and perfect for supplementing your diet to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Though it must be said that with egg white protein powder you do miss out on the satiation provided by the yolk, so other protein powders are better if you want to feel full for longer.

Finally, egg protein powders include all nine of the essential amino acids which your body needs to thrive, which makes them a good choice for all-round body health.

Is Egg White Protein Better than Whey?

So now it’s clear what egg white protein can offer, let’s take a look at how it compares to the ultra-popular whey protein.

First, it’s important to consider your dietary needs and allergies – if you have any.

For example, if you have an allergy to dairy or simply have issues digesting it, then you might prefer egg white protein over whey protein.

However, if you struggle with an egg allergy, then whey protein will be the better option.

In terms of protein, both egg white protein and whey protein offer up complete protein, providing all nine essential amino acids which your body can’t make. These essential amino acids help you to build and repair the tissue of the body, among other things.

As for the nutritional breakdown, you’ll find that both forms of protein powder offer aroun 120-130 calories per serving, so not much difference there.

However, whey protein does tend to have some carbohydrates per scoop, whereas egg white protein has little to none. This gives egg white protein the edge for those who adhere to low-carb diets such as those following a paleo or keto diet.

Whey protein also has more fat per serving, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. It makes the supplement more satiating, but won’t help with weight loss goals. Egg white protein on the other hand has little to no fat, which makes it more suitable for losing weight.

Where whey protein does come out on top is with its positive effect on sports performance and recovery, as there have been a lot of studies done on the topic. Since there isn’t as large a body of research on egg white protein powder, it’s hard to make defiintive claims about it with regards to performance and recovery.

In summary, it’s hard to make the argument that one form of protein is objectively superior than the other, but for each person there’ll be a better option based on factors such as dietary needs, and personal preferences.


If you invest in an egg white protein powder, you’ll likely want to prioritize quality over anything else.

If the protein source isn’t high-quality, then that will be reflected in the results you get from taking the supplement.

To ensure quality, look for those protein powders which are GMP Quality Assured, which means the manufacturing process underwent heavy scrutiny and passed high standards.

You should also pay attention to PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) as this tells you how highly rated the protein is.

Mixability is another important factor for determining the quality of an egg white protein powder.

This is because egg white protein is more likely to form clumps than many other types of protein powder, which needless to say makes it unpalatable and hard to digest.

So to ensure you get a protein powder that’s easy to mix, keep an eye out for lecithin, as this is an ingredient that will emulsify the powder and make it much easier to mix in protein shakes and smoothies.


The flavor of any protein powder is important, since it’s a supplement you’ll likely want to take on a regular basis.

If you don’t like how the egg white protein powder tastes, then there’s a strong chance that you will get tired with it over time which will discourage you from taking it.

It’s almost entirely a matter of personal preference whether you opt for a flavored option or an unflavored one.

The only other factor here is that if you go for an unflavored option such as the one from Judee’s, then you might be able to avoid some of the artificial ingredients like sweetener used for flavoring.

So unflavored options can be a good option for following a strict diet, whereas flavored options provide a better taste experience which is good for sticking with a certain protein powder.

You may also find that unflavored egg white protein powders are a great choice if you’re interested in baking protein-rich foods.

If you do want to invest in a flavored egg white protein powder, but you’re concerned about the inclusion of artificial ingredients, look out for natural sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, and cocoa powder for a healthier option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Egg White Protein Powder

What is the best egg white protein powder?

In our view, the best egg white protein powder is the Now Sports Nutrition egg white protein.

Now Sports Nutrition’s egg white powder meets quality standards for both its protein and its manufacturing process, so you know you’re getting the very best in every serving.

The brand also throws protein-rich BCAAs into the mix, so you get even more protein for your buck.

Is egg white protein powder good for you?

If you lead a health-conscious lifestyle, then yes, egg white protein powder can be good for you.

The reason why many people choose this over the more popular option of whey protein, is because with egg whites you can avoid the dairy which can cause issues with digestion and to those with allergies.

Egg white protein powder also tends to be high-quality and is easy for the body to digest.

Which is better whey or egg white protein powder?

There are arguments for both being the better protein powder, but honestly the real answer will be subjective.

Many people prefer egg white protein powder because they can avoid dairy for instance, and because it is fat-free.

Whereas on the other hand, there are those who prefer whey as it is shown to have a stronger impact on body composition and performance.

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A Final Word from Energetic Lifestyle

If you decide to give egg white protein powder a go, make sure you go with the right one based on the ingredients, protein content, and other important factors such as flavor.

Supplementing with egg white protein powder can be very effective for the health-conscious lifestyle, so it’s well worth giving a shot.

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