Best Green Tea Extract in 2024: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Green Tea Extract

Best of the Best
Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract
Runner Up
Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold
Best Powder
Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract
Life Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract -For Cholesterol Management, Cellular + Cardiovascular & Cognitive Health -Rich in Polyphenols - Gluten Free, Non-GMO - 100 Vegetarian Capsules
NutriGold Green Tea Gold - Metabolism, Weight-Loss, and Immune Support, 90 Organic Veggie Capsules
BulkSupplements.com Green Tea Extract Powder (50% EGCG) - Green Tea Supplement for Antioxidants & Heart Health - Gluten Free & No Fillers Powder - 500mg per Serving (250 Grams - 8.8 oz)
Best of the Best
Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract
Life Extension Decaffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract -For Cholesterol Management, Cellular + Cardiovascular & Cognitive Health -Rich in Polyphenols - Gluten Free, Non-GMO - 100 Vegetarian Capsules
Runner Up
Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold
NutriGold Green Tea Gold - Metabolism, Weight-Loss, and Immune Support, 90 Organic Veggie Capsules
Best Powder
Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract
BulkSupplements.com Green Tea Extract Powder (50% EGCG) - Green Tea Supplement for Antioxidants & Heart Health - Gluten Free & No Fillers Powder - 500mg per Serving (250 Grams - 8.8 oz)

Green tea is an extremely popular hot drink consumed in large quantities all around the world.

While a lot of people enjoy it for its flavor, the main reason many tend to drink it often is for its many touted health benefits.

These range from aiding weight loss to improving heart health and cognition, so it’s understandable that you can get access to these great benefits in convenient tablet and powder form too.

Green tea extract supplements are all the rage and for good reason, they provide all the good stuff associated with green tea but without the inconvenience of having to drink multiple litres of it every day.

Let’s dive right into our reviews for the best green tea extract.

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract
1,123 Reviews
Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract
To get the most out of green tea you’re going to need to take on a certain amount each day, you can get everything you need and more in a single powerful capsule from this Life Extension supplement.

Our Other Top Green Tea Extract Picks

Best Green Tea Extract Reviews

Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract (⭐ Best of the Best)

We believe that the best green tea extract is the enticingly-named Life Extension Mega Green Tea Extract.

While green tea extract isn’t necessarily going to extend your lifespan, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it could help you deal with problems surrounding your health. This is one of the green tea extract supplements that gives you all of the benefits of the super tea, without requiring any effort on your part. 

This particular brand is made from decaffeinated green tea, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to avoid the highs and lows of caffeine, or your body just isn’t used to caffeinated products. It also means you can take the supplement alongside your morning coffee without worrying that you’re going to be bouncing off the walls all day long. There is also a lightly caffeinated option though, in case you want this supplement to give you a pep in your step first thing.

As a powerful green tea extract supplement, you will only need to take a single capsule a day for the full benefits of green tea. Unlike other supplements which require you to take them multiple times every day, this one offers the convenience of a single capsule a day. It also means you can get the recommended dose, and more, so you know you’re getting the most out of the supplement. The other benefit of these potent capsules is that by buying a pack of 100, you’ll get a supply that will last you more than 3 months which is great value for money.

Containing 98% polyphenols and the incredible antioxidant EGCG, this supplement is designed to provide real health benefits. The product also passed tests for lead and other heavy metal contaminants through the website ConsumerLabs, which makes it safe to supplement with. Customers praise Life Extension’s green tea extract for helping with a range of health conditions, as well as its low caffeine content which makes it suitable to take at any time of day.


  •  100 Vegetarian capsules
  •  Available as decaffeinated or lightly caffeinated
  •  Contains 98% polyphenols and 45% EGCG 
  •  Each capsule is 725 mg

Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold (🥈 Runner Up)

Another decaffeinated capsule supplement, we chose Nutrigold as our runner up for best green tea extract supplement.

In this supplement you’ll find 90 organic vegetarian capsules, each packed with 375mg of green tea extract. While this makes this supplement less powerful than our top pick, the dosage is still one capsule a day and the amount fits in with the recommended daily dose. These tablets are also organic, unlike those of Life Extension’s green tea extract supplement.

Each capsule has around 50% polyphenols, 20% EGCg and a collection of other ingredients. They are also organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and kosher.  But the fact that each one is decaffeinated is just as important as the content of green tea extract, since it allows you the convenience to take the capsules at any time of day. You can even pop the pills right before bed if you prefer to let them work their magic overnight.

Many satisfied customers talk about the high quality of these decaffeinated capsules from top brand Nutrigold. Past consumers enjoy the ratio of ingredients, and appreciate the fact that they are organic and free from artificial ingredients.


  •  Pack of 90 organic vegan capsules 
  •  Contains 50% polyphenols, 20% EGCg 
  •  Each capsule is 375mg
Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold
254 Reviews
Nutrigold Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold
If you’re looking for a more mild green tea extract supplement that isn’t likely to cause side effects such as nausea, then this is a solid option.

Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract (🥄 Best Powder)

There is a lot of convenience in taking supplements in capsule form, but powders can also have their advantages. This powdered supplement from Bulk Supplements is our top pick for a green tea extract powder. This supplement in powder form is best for those who can’t stand the thought of taking a capsule every day that could make them feel nauseous. 

One of the great things about this brand is that it offers green tea extract in many different forms. You can get it in multiple sizes of capsule container, as well as various quantities of powder ranging from 8.81 oz to a 1kg bag. This powder offers 500mg with every serving, and approximately 500 servings, which is impressive for a small bag. In each serving you’ll get green tea leaf extract that has 98% total polyphenols, 80% catechins and 50% EGCg. The great thing about the fact that this is a powder means you can control your dose, so if 500mg doesn’t feel like enough for you then you can have one bigger serving or multiple servings throughout the day.

The main benefit in this case of having green tea extract in powdered form is that you can add it to your drinks to get everything you need from green tea while enjoying your favorite beverages. You never know, you might even enjoy the flavor it adds, too. This powder is best mixed with a smoothie, juice, or water. We would recommend that you blend it into a delicious and healthy morning green smoothie, since you’ll feel amazing if you do. Plus, since it has caffeine in it, drinking it will give you an extra energy boost first thing.

This product is manufactured in a FDA registered facility, and is made according to cGMP standards. It is lab verified and third party tested, which means that you’re getting the real deal with this green tea extract supplement.

Past customers point out how much they enjoy this green tea extract powder from Bulk Supplements in a smoothie, given the many benefits it brings along with it. Some even say that it adds a pleasant taste to green smoothies too.


  •  Available in many size bags from 8.81oz to 1kg
  •  Powder form
  •  500mg in each serving 
  •  Contains 98% total polyphenols, 80% catechins and 50% EGCg
  •  Made in a FDA registered facility according to cGMP standards 
  •  Lab verified and third party tested
Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract
717 Reviews
Bulk Supplements Green Tea Extract
This powder green tea extract from Bulk Supplements is a fantastic high-quality option which is ideal if you prefer to take powdered supplements over capsules.

Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract (🔻 Best Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss)

This supplement from Zhou Nutrition is the best in our view for helping with weight loss goals.

In each container you’ll find 120 veggie capsules, which are lightly caffeinated, and packed with 500mg containing 95% polyphenols, 80% catechins and 50% EGCg. This product is high quality, and this is verified in a number of ways. The capsules are lab verified, manufactured with GMP standards. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free. Zhou claims to use only the highest-quality ingredients, and test them in their laboratory in Utah before passing them off to be put into capsules and eventually bottled up.

This is a green tea extract supplement that has been designed to encourage healthy metabolism function and give you the energy you need to get you through the day. The boost to your metabolism will make it much easier to burn calories, especially when combined with the gentle and stable energy injection which will help you tackle tough workout routines with the right mindset. The inclusion of caffeine is one reason why this supplement can provide a sustainable energy boost, but this is backed up by the vitality-giving ingredients inside each capsule.

Past customers credit this supplement with improving their energy levels as well as boosting their metabolisms, allowing for accelerated weight loss.


  •  120 veggie capsules 
  •  Lightly caffeinated 
  •  500mg per capsule
  •  Contains 95% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 50% EGCg
  •  Lab verified, GMP approved, non-GMO, and gluten-free
Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract
3,837 Reviews
Zhou Nutrition Green Tea Extract Green Tea Extract
This green tea extract supplement from Zhou Nutrition does a lot right, and sources the best ingredients for boosting energy levels and metabolism. It’s a great option if you have weight loss goals you’re struggling to achieve.

Ultimate Guide to Green Tea Extracts

As with any health supplement, it’s worth getting to know the primary ingredient well, so you know exactly what you’ll be putting in your body every day and what benefits you can expect.

We’ll start this guide by explaining what exactly green tea extract is and where it comes from. Then we’ll touch upon the numerous benefits it reportedly offers, which make it a very popular health supplement.

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What is Green Tea Extract?

Green tea extract is the result of concentrating down green tea leaves, which makes for a convenient way to supplement with the health benefits provided by the popular hot drink.

The scientific name for the plant green tea comes from is camellia sinensis.

This is the same plant that is responsible for producing black and oolong tea.

Green tea extract is prepared by taking the leaf buds, stems, and leaves of the plant, and then steaming them at a high heat which produces the green tea.

The beneficial ingredients in the green tea are then extracted and transformed into either a powder or enclosed in capsules.

While the process of processing black tea removes many of the polyphenols, green tea extract retains many of the polyphenols, which means it can offer many health benefits.

Polyphenols are strong antioxidants, and accompany a range of other ingredients that go into making tea such as catechins, tannins, and of course caffeine.

Green tea extract has been shown to be abundant in antioxidants, which can help with a whole host of ailments affecting different organs in the body.

One of its main benefits though, and the reason why it’s a common ingredient in many health products, is to help with weight loss.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

The benefits of green tea are well documented, and this is mainly because there are many to speak of.

While many people enjoy drinking green tea for the health benefits, green tea extract supplements provide an alternate, more concentrated method to get them which is more convenient.

Rich in Antioxidants 

The best part of green tea and green tea extract is the high content of antioxidants.

You’ve probably heard of antioxidants before, and it’s because they’re something you really want to get in your diet for your health.

Antioxidants are so sought after because they can fight oxidative stress, which means they reduce the damage the body takes from free radicals. The kind of cell damage caused by free radicals can accelerate the aging process, and is commonly associated with a whole host of diseases. 

The catechins within the green tea extract, which are polyphenol antioxidants, are very effective at diminishing cell damage. Specifically epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCg, is what you benefit the most from. 

As a result, a high percentage amount of EGCg is definitely something to keep an eye on when you’re choosing your green tea extract supplement.

These benefits are well captured within green tea extract supplements, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they are effective at tackling diseases that are related with oxidative stress.

Encourages Weight Loss

The reason why many people choose to take a green tea extract supplement is for weight loss.

Losing weight isn’t easy.

Shedding the pounds is easier said than done, so any natural supplement that can help accelerate the process is something to strongly consider.

The ingredients in green tea extract that make it effective for encouraging weight loss are the catechins and caffeine.

The two ingredients together have been well researched and their ability to enhance thermogenesis has been well documented.

Thermogenesis is something your body does in order to burn through calories and break down food. As a result, if you improve this process, you can essentially speed up the rate at which your sheds weight.

It’s a good idea to try supplementing with green tea extract while exercising if your goal is to lose weight, since the results can be impressive.

It also means if you want the best green tea extract supplement for weight loss then you’re best off going for one which has some amount of caffeine in it.

The extra benefit of this is that you can take it first thing in the morning as part of a green smoothie and get a nice energy boost like you would with a cup of coffee.

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Good for Cardiovascular Health

Another main benefit of taking green tea extract supplements is that they can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and artery inflammation.

The process which causes these cardiovascular issues is none other than oxidative stress.

Which as you’ll already know is a harmful process that is counteracted well by antioxidants, of which green tea extract has many.

Green tea extract, when taken daily, can reduce levels of cholesterol in the body and decrease blood pressure levels too.

This all makes for a happy heart, which is something we should all strive for in order to live a healthy life.

Improves Cognitive Function

We all need a little help every now and again.

Brain fog is very real, and it can affect our ability to properly focus on the task at hand which can in turn affect our mood.

Nothing quite beats a natural boost to focus, especially when it can be found in convenient capsule form.

Green tea extract can be just the cognition booster you need to help you get through the day, due to the EGCgs.

Brain cells can be affected by oxidative stress, which means you can give them a helping hand by supplementing with something rich in antioxidants like green tea extract.

You can give yourself the best chance of fighting off brain damage and dementia, with studies showing the efficacy of green tea extract in preventing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

You can even give your memory a boost too, which is great for remembering where you left your phone and last left the keys.

Green tea extract has been shown to aid brain function and memory when tested under lab conditions.

Helps Liver Function

The liver is an important organ, and one which we can better protect through the use of health supplements such as green tea extract.

Green tea extract has been shown to be especially effective for protecting against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD.

The daily supplementation of green tea extract has been shown to improve the levels of enzymes in the liver, as well as fighting off signs of inflammation and oxidative stress.

The caveat here is that taking more green tea extract than the recommended dose can actually be more harmful to the liver than helpful.

May Help Reduce Risk of Cancer

As with anything, you should take this benefit with a pinch of salt, but there is compelling evidence that taking green tea extract on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Due to EGCg, green tea extract is sometimes able to keep the level of cell production in the body balanced, which is very useful for fighting off the development of cancer.

If taken on a regular basis, green tea extract may be very effective for somewhat reducing the chances of developing cancer, which is something I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate.

Great for The Skin

Green tea extract supplements can be effective for organs outside the body just as much as those inside of it, since they can be great for the skin.

While a lot of evidence suggests that applying green tea extract topically to the skin is most effective for treating skin conditions like rosacea and dermatitis, there are benefits to ingesting it too.

By taking a green tea extract supplement orally you can minimise the aging of your skin, and effectively fight off acne and reduce the red skin bumps it causes.

Green tea extract when taken regularly can also help keep the skin elastic and help protect it from damaging UV rays, which in turn could reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

This is why you will often see green tea extract listed as an ingredient in skincare products. This is also because it has moisturizing properties.

Boost Energy

Energy is the one thing we could probably all do with a little more in our day to day lives, so any natural boost will come as a welcome bonus in a health supplement.

Fortunately green tea extract is one such health supplement, and can give you the edge regarding physical performance.

The oxidative stress caused by rigorous physical exercise can be remedied with a natural supplement like green tea extract, since it provides a decent amount of antioxidants through the catechins.

This can make those days you spend in agony due to delayed muscle fatigue much more tolerable.

As well as the potential recovery benefits, there is also some evidence to suggest that athletes can improve their performance by supplementing with it regularly.

Can Help Lower Blood Sugar Level

For those who struggle with high blood sugar levels, the catechins in green tea extract can boost insulin sensitivity and help the body produce more blood sugar.

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Green Tea Extract Powder vs Capsules

The question of whether to take a health supplement as a powder or as a capsule is one which we ask ourselves often.

While there is no hard and fast answer concerning which is better, it’s useful to consider the pros and cons for each type of health supplement since one might be better for you.

You can also get green tea extract in liquid form, and this is useful for topical application for skin conditions and genital warts.

It’s worth stating up front that you should always try to take any green tea extract supplement on a full stomach to avoid any complications.

Another thing worth noting is that some green tea extract supplements will isolate certain catechins like EGCg, while others won’t, so take some time to think about exactly what you want.


The capsule is the most popular way to take many health supplements, and green tea extract isn’t an exception.

It’s arguably better to take green tea extract as a capsule, given that there is a recommended dosage which you shouldn’t exceed. The reason why it’s important to stick to the recommendations is that you can cause liver damage and stomach irritability if you don’t.

As a result, it’s not as though you need the high concentration which powders offer.

  • Convenience

The number one reason anyone decides to get the capsule form of a health supplement is convenience.

It couldn’t be easier to wash a capsule down with water, and the small containers that they come in will make travel convenient too.

If you live a busy lifestyle and don’t feel like you have time to fiddle around measuring out powder and mixing it in with drinks, then this is your best bet.

There’s no excuse not to take a capsule supplement regularly, so this is a great way to ensure you stay on top of your health.

Capsules will also have a good amount of what you need in them, eliminating the need to do any calculations. Oftentimes you’ll only need to take a single capsule a day.

  • No Flavor 

Capsules also tend to be flavorless, which makes them easy to swallow.

You don’t have to worry about not liking how they taste, so you can take them at any time of day.


Green tea extract powder isn’t as popular as the capsules, but it can still be a viable way to get the benefits of green tea.

  • Rapid Absorption 

The first benefit offered by powders is rapid absorption. They can get into your system much faster than the slow release capsules.

This means you can benefit from them almost immediately, which is perfect if you need an energy or brain boost first thing in the morning.

It also helps you get your fix of caffeine as soon as possible, if you are taking a caffeinated supplement.

  • Complete Control

Having a health supplement in powdered form will give you full control over how much you take.

This is great for anyone who knows that they need a specific dosage to keep their stomachs happy and still get the benefits.

You also have the control to add the green tea extract to just about anything, from your favorite morning smoothie to your afternoon juice.

Capsules don’t allow you this versatility, so this gives powders the edge when it comes to having fun with your supplements.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Green Tea Extract

What’s the difference between green tea and green tea extract?

The main difference between the two forms of green tea is the process by which they are made.

While green tea takes the leaves of the plant and makes them into convenient tea bags you can brew, green tea extract is taken from the leaves and efforts are made to keep all of the nutritional value. 

Both offer a similar amount of nutritional value, and the main benefit of taking green tea extract over drinking a hot cup of green tea is that it’s far more convenient to ensure you get the benefits in your system every day.

How many mg of green tea extract should I take?

As a general recommendation, you should aim to take around 250-500 mg of green tea extract on a daily basis to get the most out of it.

This is the equivalent of between 3 and 5 cups of green tea, which would be challenging for anyone to consume every day without fail.

As always though, make sure you pay attention to the guidelines issued by the supplement manufacturer. Realize that it will be more or less easy to keep on track of intake based on whether you consume the extract in tablets or powder form.

Are green tea supplements as good as green tea?

Green tea supplements have the potential to be as good as green tea, depending on how you take them and which brand you go with.

The biggest issue with green tea is that for all the antioxidants it provides and other health benefits, you’ll have to drink an awful lot to get the same benefits from a few green tea extract tablets.

That makes green tea supplements a far more convenient way of getting all of the health benefits from the green tea leaves.

Does green tea extract burn belly fat?

Green tea extract is the concentrated form of the popular tea, which has commonly been stated to help with weight loss, so yes taking the supplement can help burn belly fat.

Green tea extract is so effective for weight loss in fact that you’ll find it listed as the primary ingredient in a lot of different weight loss products.

The reason for this is due to the catechins and caffeine content of green tea, which can help to regulate hormones and boost thermogenesis which is what burns the calories you consume.

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A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

Green tea extract supplements are a great way of getting all of the health benefits of green tea, without having to drink litres of the hot drink.

By taking them on a daily basis, you stand to gain a lot (or lose a lot if you’re interested in shedding some pounds).

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