Best Hemp Protein Powder [2024]: Reviews + How to Choose

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Best Hemp Protein Powder

Best of the Best
Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Protein
Runner Up
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah!
Best on a Budget
Just Hemp Protein + Fiber
Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Raw Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Peak Protein, 16 Ounce, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Whole 30 Approved, Vegan, Gluten-Free & Keto, Plant Protein with Essential Amino Acids
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Max Protein Powder, Unsweetened, 32oz; with 20g protein and 4.5g Omegas 3&6 per Serving, Keto-Friendly, Preservative Free, Non-GMO
Just Hemp Foods Hemp Protein Powder Plus Fiber, Non-GMO Verified with 11g of Protein & 11g of Fiber per Serving, 16 oz - Packaging May Vary
Best of the Best
Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Protein
Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Raw Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Peak Protein, 16 Ounce, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Whole 30 Approved, Vegan, Gluten-Free & Keto, Plant Protein with Essential Amino Acids
Runner Up
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah!
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Max Protein Powder, Unsweetened, 32oz; with 20g protein and 4.5g Omegas 3&6 per Serving, Keto-Friendly, Preservative Free, Non-GMO
Best on a Budget
Just Hemp Protein + Fiber
Just Hemp Foods Hemp Protein Powder Plus Fiber, Non-GMO Verified with 11g of Protein & 11g of Fiber per Serving, 16 oz - Packaging May Vary

Hemp protein is a great plant-based source of protein which is excellent for building muscle and getting extra fiber in your diet.

It’s the ideal complete protein for the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, and comes loaded with all 9 essential amino acids, unsaturated fats, and plenty of dietary fiber.

It is usually left untouched, but sometimes brands will add in other healthy ingredients to their powders in order to maximise the benefits you can get from it.

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Protein
6,553 Reviews
Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Protein
Nutiva’s organic cold-pressed hemp seed protein powder is our top pick because it delivers a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and essential amino acids without any of the potentially harmful stuff.

Our Other Top Hemp Protein Picks

Best Hemp Protein Powder Reviews

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Protein (👑 Best of the Best)

We chose Nutiva’s organic cold-pressed hemp seed protein as the best hemp protein powder overall for a number of reasons.

There are 3 ways to buy this hemp seed protein powder, in quantities of 16oz, 30oz, or 3lb. In the smallest size, you can expect around 15 servings, and in the largest closer to 45. This should satisfy those who are just looking for something to last them a couple of weeks, just as well as those who are looking for something that will last longer. You can start off with a small quantity to try the powder out, and then invest in a larger batch later down the line if you find that you like it.

One of the standout features of this hemp protein powder is that it is made with Certified Organic hemp seed protein, which is likely something you will value highly if you’re looking for the best quality ingredients to put in your body. Each serving of this organic hemp seed powder will provide all nine essential amino acids as well as a significant amount of fiber and of course, protein. There’s even omega-3 and omega-6 in each scoop of this hemp protein powder, so you’ll really feel like you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive. This makes it a great digestive aid as well as a muscle-recovery accelerant. It’s always nice to see a health product with only 1 listed ingredient, especially given that in this case it’s Certified Organic, so you know exactly what you’re getting with each serving.

The other upside of only having 1 ingredient in your protein powder is that it means that it’s free of the harmful stuff that other brands sometimes use. Things like preservatives, hexane, additives, and sugar are nowhere to be seen with Nutiva’s Organic hemp protein powder, which is always encouraging.

As far as customer reviews go, they’re mostly positive, with many praising the organic hemp seed powder and attributing all kinds of health benefits to it. A quick browse of the most popular reviews will reveal that one of the things people seem to like most about this organic hemp protein is how much fiber it provides, which makes it good for both muscle gain and digestion. Others claim that this hemp seed protein tastes so much better than whey alternatives, and is especially delicious when mixed into almond milk for a vegan-friendly treat.


  •  Available in 3 sizes (16oz, 30oz, 3lbs)
  •  Certified Organic hemp seed protein
  •  15g protein per serving
  •  Contains high fiber content and all 9 essential amino acids
  •  No hexane, preservatives, additives, or added sugar

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for best hemp protein powder has to go to Manitoba Harvest’s cleverly-named Hemp Yeah!

This hemp protein has 2 size options to choose from, with a smaller 1lb tub, and a larger 2lb tub.The smaller size offers around 14 servings, while the larger one offers double that with around 28 servings. What you’ll get with each serving is Certified Organic hemp protein concentrate, and natural oregano extract. This amounts to around 20g of protein in each scoop of powder, alongside 3g of fiber. There’s also 4.5 of both omega 3 and omega 6. Not bad if you’re looking to put on muscle, and speed up the rate at which you can recover from physical activity.

This hemp protein powder is Certified Organic, vegan, unsweetened, keto-friendly, non-GMO, and free from preservatives. It’s also made with renewable energy and is B Corp Certified. Much like our top pick from Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest goes from a minimalist approach with its hemp protein powder and includes as few ingredients as possible. The main difference between the 2 products is that this one has more protein per serving, but less fiber. It also has an ingredient which Nutiva’s hemp protein doesn’t, and that’s the natural oregano extract. The reason given for the inclusion of this extra ingredient is that it acts as an antioxidant, which can limit the process of oxidation of the powder and keep it fresh for longer.

Past customers who have bought and tested this hemp protein say that it’s a lot easier on the stomach than whey protein, and that it tastes great in shakes. Others claim that it can even be used as an ingredient in baking or for oatmeal.


  • Certified Organic
  •  Includes organic hemp protein and natural oregano extract
  •  Available in 2 sizes (1lb or 2lbs)
  •  20g protein per scoop
  •  Non-GMO, keto and vegan-friendly, unsweetened, free from preservatives
  •  B Corp certified and made with renewable energy
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah!
1,526 Reviews
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah!
Manitoba Harvest’s organic hemp protein is an excellent choice if lead an active lifestyle and you want a powder packed full of protein to help with the process of muscle-building.

Just Hemp Protein + Fiber (💸 Best on a Budget)

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, this next protein powder is more affordable and it’s made by Just Hemp Foods.

We don’t all have the money to cough up for essential what is a monthly subscription to protein powder, and if this is one of your concerns, a budget-friendly option like this hemp protein from Just Hemp could be the answer.

Available as a 16oz tub, this hemp protein powder provides an extra helping of fiber, which should keep you fuller for longer as well as promoting healthy digestion. This makes the hemp protein a worthy ingredient in a meal replacement drink, which can be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. You can expect around 14 servings from a single container, and in each serving you’ll get a respectable 11g of protein, with a very generous 13g of fiber, as well as omega-3, omega-6 and essential amino acids to boot. The one ingredient that provides all of these healthy nutrients is Canadian hemp protein.

If you were wondering how Just Hemp Foods managed to squeeze so much extra fiber into its protein powder without adding any other ingredient, it’s actually the shell of the hemp seed according to the manufacturer. Simply by processing the whole hemp seed for its protein powder, Just Hemp Foods have managed to significantly increase the nutritional content of it while still only offering a single ingredient.

Customers who’ve used this hemp protein powder have plenty of good things to say about the value for money you get with this product, given that it’s one of the more affordable options on the market. Others enjoy the high fiber content, since it decreases reliance on eating high-fiber foods for healthy digestion.


  •  Available as a 16oz tub
  •  11g of protein per serving
  •  Extra fiber from shell of hemp seeds
  •  Non-GMO
Just Hemp Protein + Fiber
2,850 Reviews
Just Hemp Protein + Fiber
If you’re looking for a high-fiber, budget-friendly hemp protein powder then Just Hemp Foods have just the product you need.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (💪🏼 Best All-Round)

This last hemp protein powder we’re going to look at is our pick for best-all round, due to the nutritious extra ingredients included in the powder.

While some take protein powder purely for working out and optimising muscle development and recovery, others will be more concerned with taking it as a meal replacement or as an easy way to get a complete protein into their diet. This protein powder from Sunwarrior is best for the latter group of people, as it includes various superfoods in its powder.

This protein powder comes in a 1.65 lb container. This container offers up around 30 servings. There are several ingredients which make up this protein powder blend, as opposed to the other 3 hemp protein powders we’ve reviewed which all have only 1 or 2 ingredients. These ingredients include a protein blend or organic fermented pea protein, organic hemp protein, and organic goji berry, as well as an organic MCT oil made up of coconut oil and acacia fiber. This means that you get more bang for your buck with each serving, so far as health benefits and flavor go. Each serving contains around 1g of fiber, and 19g of protein, as well as a very complete amino acid profile which is helpfully listed on the back of the package.

While you won’t get quite as much fiber in this hemp protein powder as with others we’ve looked at, this is more than made up for with the high protein content and amino acid profile of each serving. If you’re looking to use this powder as part of a meal replacement shake, you’ll find that your body gets plenty of the nutrition it needs while also leaving you feeling satiated from the high protein content. There are even electrolytes, antioxidants, and BCAAs available to you in this protein powder.

It’s a raw, keto-friendly, non-GMO, Certified Organic powder which is free from soy, dairy, sugar, and gluten. So despite the fact that there are a lot of ingredients, they aren’t bad and shouldn’t interfere with your body.

What customers have to say about this hemp protein is mainly positive, with many praising its great flavor, which is most probably a result of the addition of tasty ingredients like goji berries. Others like that it offers everything a vegan needs first thing in the morning, including a complete protein for a satiating effect.


  •  Available in 1.65lb container
  •  Includes proprietary protein blend and organic MCT oil
  •  Organic ingredients
  •  Non-GMO
  •  Free from soy, dairy, sugar, and gluten
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend
13,489 Reviews
Sunwarrior Warrior Blend
Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend is our favourite all-round hemp protein, given that it’s made up of a host of healthy ingredients which can help you live a healthy life.

Ultimate Guide

Picking out the perfect hemp protein protein is no easy task, especially given that there might not be too much to differentiate one brand’s powder from another’s.

There are several important factors to consider to make the right choice for you, which range from the ingredients and their quality, to the reason you want hemp protein, and the taste and texture of the powder.

We’re also going to take a quick look at what the primary benefits of taking hemp protein are, as well as how it fares when compared to the more popular whey protein.

Benefits of Hemp Protein

There are many reasons why you should consider taking hemp protein powder, and this applies even more so if you adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The main reason why a lot of people choose to take hemp protein is because it provides a plant-based complete protein, which can be quite hard to find.

It provides an easy way for a vegan or vegetarian to get a complete protein without needing to eat copious amounts of tofu or beans.

However, it might interest you to know that being a complete protein isn’t the only reason to invest in hemp protein, since it offers an array of health benefits.

Essential Amino Acids

While being a complete protein makes hemp powder especially useful for those with an active lifestyle looking to build and recover muscle, it also means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

The fact that these amino acids are deemed essential should tell you how important they are to get in your diet on a daily basis.

The 9 essential amino acids are responsible for many processes in the body such as synthesising hormones and neurotransmitters.

The main reason why it’s so important to ensure you get them in your diet is because they aren’t naturally produced by your body, so it’s actually the only way you can get them.

Given that the primary sources of essential amino acids tend to be foods such as poultry and eggs, hemp protein offers a convenient vegan-friendly way to make sure you get them.

Rich Source of Fiber

If you know anything about digestion, you’ll know that your fiber intake plays a very significant role in the process.

If you fail to eat enough fiber on a regular basis, you will at best feel constipated and at worse put yourself more at risk of developing certain illnesses in the gut.

Hemp protein is a rich source of fiber, which makes it an excellent way to ensure you get the right amount of fiber each day.

25-38g of fiber a day is considered the ideal range, and this number isn’t met by a lot of people. However, some hemp protein powders can offer as much as 13g fiber in every serving, such as the Just Hemp protein powder which involves the hemp seed shell in the process.

This means that adding hemp protein powder to a fruit or vegetable-based smoothie can promote healthy digestion.

Unsaturated Fats

While you may have heard your whole life that fats are bad for you, this isn’t entirely true.

Unsaturated fats, which come in the form of omega-3 and omega-6 in hemp protein, are actually very beneficial for the body.

These types of fats are good for the heart, and preventing a range of diseases, so it really is worth taking them on board in some way.


You always want antioxidants in your body, since they protect it from oxidative damage which can lead to all kinds of health problems.

The high antioxidant content of hemp protein comes mainly from the minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Hemp vs Whey Protein

While you may have been tricked into thinking whey protein is the only choice when it comes to protein powders, you shouldn’t overlook the health benefits hemp protein can provide.

While there isn’t necessarily a definitive answer as to which form of powder is better, there are some reasons you’d definitely want to choose whey over hemp protein, and vice versa.

Your diet will play a significant role in your decision, as will your fitness and strength goals.

Let’s take a brief look at each form of protein powder, and what the pros and cons are.



The main difference between whey protein and other proteins is that it is animal-based, since it is derived from the cheese production process.

High in Protein

The primary benefit that whey protein has over hemp protein is that it offers up more protein per serving than the plant-plased alternative.

This perhaps makes it more suitable for athletes, and those with active lifestyles looking to optimise muscle growth and recovery.



One of the best parts of hemp protein is that it is plant-based, specifically derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, which makes it suitable for all diets.

High Fiber Content

While whey protein might have a higher protein content per serving, hemp protein is more rich in fiber, which makes it a great digestion aid.

This makes it ideal for feeling fuller for longer when used as part of a meal replacement shake, or for those who struggle to get enough fiber into their diet naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Protein Powder

Which hemp protein is best?

We believe the best hemp protein is the organic cold-pressed hemp protein from Nutiva.

Nutiva’s organic hemp protein is a great option because it offers up nothing but organic hemp seed protein, for the best results.

Is hemp protein powder good for you?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that hemp protein powder is good for you, not least because it provides a complete protein for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

If you adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet, it can sometimes be hard to come across appetising complete proteins to incorporate into your diet, but hemp protein provides just that. This is especially good for those who are very active, and wish to accelerate the process of muscle recovery.

Other great qualities of hemp protein powder are that it’s easy for the body to digest, and it’s a fantastic source of fiber which encourages healthy digestion.

Which is better whey or hemp protein?

Both whey protein and hemp protein have their pros and cons.

The main difference is that while whey protein is derived from an animal source in milk, hemp protein is derived entirely from nature, in the form of the Cannabis sativa plant.

While whey protein might be better for athletes needing a larger dose of protein with each scoop, hemp protein is better for digestion and providing the body with unsaturated fats it needs.

Is hemp protein good for building muscle?

As a complete protein, hemp is the perfect ingredient for a protein powder.

While it may not contain quite as much protein per scoop as a whey protein powder would, hemp protein is still very effective for promoting muscle growth.

With all the essential amino acids necessary to repair body muscle and tissue, hemp protein is an ideal supplement for building muscle.

A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

Choosing a hemp protein that works well for your body will boil down to a few factors.

You’ll have to think about how much you value organically-sourced hemp, if you want any extra ingredients in the powder, and how much of it you need to see results.

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