Best Maca Supplements in 2024: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Maca Supplements

Best of the Best
NaturaLife Labs Organic Maca
Runner Up
Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca
Best on a Budget
NOW Maca Capsules
Organic Maca Root Black, Red, Yellow 1900 MG per Serving - 150 Vegan Capsules Peruvian Maca Root Gelatinized 100% Pure Non-GMO Supports Reproductive Health Natural Energizer
Superior Labs - Organic Peruvian Maca - 100% Pure NonGMO - Dietary Supplement for Calming and Relaxation - Zero Synthetic Additives, Stearates, Dioxides - 750mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules
NOW Supplements, Maca (Lepidium meyenii) 500 mg, For Men and Women, Reproductive Health*, 250 Veg Capsules
Best of the Best
NaturaLife Labs Organic Maca
Organic Maca Root Black, Red, Yellow 1900 MG per Serving - 150 Vegan Capsules Peruvian Maca Root Gelatinized 100% Pure Non-GMO Supports Reproductive Health Natural Energizer
Runner Up
Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca
Superior Labs - Organic Peruvian Maca - 100% Pure NonGMO - Dietary Supplement for Calming and Relaxation - Zero Synthetic Additives, Stearates, Dioxides - 750mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules
Best on a Budget
NOW Maca Capsules
NOW Supplements, Maca (Lepidium meyenii) 500 mg, For Men and Women, Reproductive Health*, 250 Veg Capsules

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) which comes from the Peruvian maca plant, also goes by the name ‘Peruvian ginseng’.

That should tell you a lot about what it has to offer as a health supplement.

The main benefits it boasts are surrounding sexual performance and fertility, though it’s also been shown to have a positive impact on energy levels and mood too.

Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

NaturaLife Labs Organic Maca
26,563 Reviews
NaturaLife Labs Organic Maca
NaturaLife Labs’ organic maca supplement is one of the most potent on the market, and combines all three types of Peruvian maca root into convenient capsules.

Our Other Top Picks for Maca Supplements

Best Maca Supplements Reviews

NaturaLife Labs Organic Maca (⭐ Best of the Best)

This organic Maca supplement combines all 3 variations of the root to provide a whole host of health and vitality benefits.

NaturaLife’s supplement includes 150 vegan capsules, and each one is packed with organic Peruvian black, red, and yellow maca root. The supplement is non-GMO, 100% gelatinized, and features an incredibly high 1900 mg with every serving. The recommended serving size is 2 capsules, which means one bottle should last you just over 2 months, making it great value for money.

This potent supplement packs more mg per serving than most other maca root supplements, which ensures you get everything you need with every capsule you take. As an organic, vegan supplement, you know that there are no artificial ingredients or filler stealing limelight from the star of the show: the maca root powder. NaturaLife Labs made this supplement with a high absorption formula, which helps you get those health benefits you’re craving in the shortest time possible. This is mainly due to the fact that the maca root is cook and gelatinized to make it much easier to digest than it is in its raw form.

By combining red, black, and yellow organic maca root, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the Peruvian plant with every capsule. To give you an idea of what you can expect from taking this supplement, previous users have reported everything from increased testosterone to improved fertility. While most of the glowing reviews are from women claiming it is great for addressing hormone imbalance and fertility issues, men have benefited from improved libido and sexual performance.


  •  150 Vegan capsules 
  •  1900mg per serving 
  •  Organic Peruvian black, red, and yellow maca root 
  •  Non-GMO, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free

Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca (🥈 Runner Up)

Superior Labs organic Peruvian maca is our runner up pick, and is another capsule supplement.

This supplement is packed with native organic non-GMO maca from Peru, which is the native environment of the plant. One of the biggest advantages this supplement has is its absolute purity. Claiming to be 100% natural, in each capsule you’ll find nothing but pure maca root. That means no synthetic additives, fillers, adulterants or heavy metals. No corners have been cut to make this supplement, which means you’re getting the very best with every capsule you take.

To further verify the quality of the maca supplement, each product is produced in a 3rd party Certified NSF facility. The NSF is a strict quality manufacturing assurance organization, so you know that the supplement has undergone rigorous testing and been approved for its quality.

This maca supplement is marketed towards anyone looking for an energy boost, better immune function, or maintain their muscle mass or libido. These claims made by the manufacturer are largely backed up by the overwhelmingly positive reviews the supplement has received. Customers in particular praise this maca supplement for its energy-boosting properties, as well as its ability to improve mood and decrease levels of stress.


  • 120 vegetable capsules 
  •  100% natural, pure non-GMO
  •  750mg per serving
  •  No synthetic additives, fillers, heavy metals, or adulterants
Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca
634 Reviews
Superior Labs Organic Peruvian Maca
SuperiorLabs’s maca supplement is 100% natural, and its high quality is backed up by many happy customers and NSF 3rd party quality assurance.

NOW Maca Capsules (💰 Best on a Budget)

If you’re on a budget but you’re still curious as to whether a maca supplement could improve your quality of life, then NOW’s maca capsules could be for you.

While this might have less mg per serving than other maca supplements, NOW does a great job of keeping its health supplements affordable for the budget-adhering consumer. That makes great ingredients like maca root available however much you’re willing to spend on a supplement. This is backed up by the 3 different sizes of bottle on offer. You can buy a bottle of 100, 250, or 360 capsules, which makes it easy to keep stocked up for a long period of time if you decide that it’s the best supplement for you.

This maca root is raw, as opposed to the cooked and gelatinized form it also comes in. This may make it slightly more difficult to digest, but you should still get the same benefits as the cooked version.

What past customers seem to enjoy most about this affordable maca supplement from NOW is that it effectively addresses hormone imbalances in women. Many satisfied customers have commented on the positive effect they’ve noticed regarding libido, vaginal health, and well-balanced hormones. Some customers have also reported less stress as a result of taking this supplement.


  •  Available as 100, 250, or 360 capsule bottle
  •  500mg per serving
NOW Maca Capsules
7,401 Reviews
NOW Maca Capsules
This maca supplement from NOW is the perfect introduction to maca root, if you’re looking for something affordable with more or less the same effect as more expensive products.

Navitas Organics Maca Powder (🥄 Best Powder)

The first powder on this list and the best maca powder overall in our opinion, this supplement from Navitas offers a different way of getting your daily maca root fix.

The best trait of this maca supplement is its versatility. With maca root in powder form, you can consume it in a variety of drinks and foods making it easy to include in your daily routine. The other advantage of having maca root in powder form is that you get more bang for your buck with regards to the concentration of the maca root in each scoop compared to capsules. 

There’s versatility also in your buying options with this maca supplement. You can get it in 4 different sizes according to your lifestyle and preferences, and you can even choose between the raw or gelatinized form of the Peruvian plant root. This will help you get the best product for your body, since not everyone’s stomach agrees with the raw form of maca root.

This supplement is USDA Organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. It is vegan, and kosher too. The main quality of this powder is its unique sweet and malty flavor, which makes it surprisingly tasty when mixed with smoothies, porridge and cacao. This is true of both the raw and gelatinized form of maca root, although you will likely find that the latter form is easier to digest.

Customers seem to enjoy this maca root supplement blended with their morning coffees, and claim a range of benefits from reduced fatigue to stabilized hormones. If you’re after an extra surge of energy with your morning cup of tea of coffee, then this maca supplement powder is a great way to kick your day off the right way.


  • Available as 1 pound, 4oz, 8oz, or 2 pound pack of powder
  • Available with raw or gelatinized maca root
  • USDA Organic 
  • Non-GMO, kosher, vegan, gluten-free
Navitas Organics Maca Powder
582 Reviews
Navitas Organics Maca Powder
Navitas Organics maca powder is a great alternative to capsules, and comes in both a raw and gelatinized form so you can pick the maca root that’s best for your body.

The Ultimate Guide to Maca Supplements

There’s a lot to get excited about regarding the Peruvian maca plant and its highly nutritious roots.

Between the red, black, and yellow maca root varieties, you can find a whole host of health benefits.

In this guide we’re going to take a closer look at what exactly maca is before diving deeper into the different benefits it offers, and whether you’d be better off taking it in powder or capsule form.

What is Maca?

Maca is a plant that grows natively in the incredible Andes mountains in Peru, and has been used in natural medicine in the country for many years.

It’s classed as a cruciferous vegetable, which puts it in the same family as greens such as broccoli and kale.

The scientific name for this plant is Lepidium meyenii, and has been given the nickname of ‘Pervuian ginseng’ largely because of the energy-boosting and sex-related benefits it can provide.

The part of the plant which is of most interest to us as the consumer is the root. The root is edible, and can come in 3 different forms, which are often labelled as red, yellow, and black maca root.

While it’s most common to find maca root as a powder, you can also find it in capsule or liquid extract form.

As for the flavor profile, many describe it as being malty and earthy, which makes it best when disguised in food and drinks.

Benefits of Maca Root

While there is still a lot of research yet to be done regarding the health benefits of maca root, there are plenty of reasons you should take it in supplement form.

The anecdotal evidence along with what little research has already been done would strongly suggest that maca root can have some powerful positive effects on sex drive, hormone imbalances, and energy levels.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, the following benefits are those which have the most research behind them.

1. Abundant Source of Nutrition

One of the best and least talked about benefits of maca root supplements is how nutritious they are.

Maca root powder is an abundant source of many vitamins and minerals that the body needs to thrive.

As a fiber-rich supplement, maca root powder can aid with digestion when taken on a regular basis. This also means you have to be careful not to overdo the dosage, as if you have a sensitive stomach you could experience irritation.

As well as being high in fiber, you can rely on maca root powder to provide a decent amount of vitamin C, copper, iron, and carbohydrates.

The fact that maca root powder is highly nutritious makes it a great supplement to add to your morning coffee or smoothie to help you feel more full in the morning.

2. Fertility Benefits

One of the biggest touted benefits of maca root supplements is that they can increase fertility.

When couples try to conceive, anything that could help the process should be considered, especially when it’s a natural supplement like this one.

While many female customers have reported increased fertility as a result of taking maca root supplements, the research only shows the benefits it can have for male fertility.

The evidence suggests that it can improve the quality and quantity of semen in men, so it’s worth considering if you have concerns about your fertility and ability to successfully reproduce.

3. A Boost in Sex Drive

The other main sex-related benefit of maca root supplements is boosted libido and/or sex drive.

Fortunately, there is evidence to suggest that maca root supplements could work for both men and women in the bedroom.

Research has shown that maca root can increase sexual desire, although the caveat here is that it will take around 6 weeks or more for the effects to take effect.

4. Hormone Balancing

The imbalance of hormones is an issue faced by many women, and maca root powder could be a natural way of addressing this and restoring some form of balance.

Symptoms that occur as a result of declining estrogen levels and menopause, including vaginal dryness and mood swings, can be targeted with regular supplementation of maca root.

According to a few smaller studies, taking maca root on a regular basis can help improve symptoms associated with menopause.

This is backed up by plenty of anecdotal evidence. You only have to visit the reviews section of pretty much any maca root supplement to see that many women have noticed an improvement in hormonal imbalances while taking it.

5. Energy Boost

If you are looking for a health supplement that will help you overcome fatigue throughout the day or improve your physical performance, then maca root could be just that.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts take maca root supplements due to the various benefits related to physical performance and energy.

Not only can they give you a pep in your step, maca root supplements can also help you to maintain your muscle mass and increase strength.

It may also be able to improve endurance and stamina, which is useful for cardio-based activities like running and cycling.

6. Improvement in Mood

Another benefit that many customers report after having taken a maca root supplement for some time is improved mood.

This is something which is reinforced by several studies which have shown this to be true.

If you suffer from anxiety, then this could be a great natural supplement to try to see whether it alleviates some of the tension in your body.

7. Enhanced Cognitive Performance 

While this may seem like a lofty claim, maca root supplements can have an effect on the brain and cognition.

Maca root has been shown to boost specifically the ability to learn, focus, and remember things.

Black maca root in particular has been associated with these benefits, and interestingly Peruvian parents often give this to their children to help them stay focussed in school.

Raw vs. Gelatinized Maca

When it comes to selecting the best maca supplement for you and your body, one of the most important considerations should be whether you go for the raw or gelatinized form of the root.

Whether the maca root is in its raw form or gelatinized will have a big impact on how easy it is for the body to break down and digest.


Raw is the affordable way to consume maca root.

You’ll find that nearly all of the budget-friendly maca root supplements like the one offered by NOW will be made from raw maca root as opposed to the gelatinized version.

While we’d like to say that eating maca root raw offers plenty of benefits, it’s mostly the inferior way of consuming it.

It’s a lot harder to digest than the cooked version, and given that no Peruvian would try to eat maca root raw it’s no surprise that the flavor of raw maca root isn’t the most appetising.

Since raw maca root has many complex starches, it’s very difficult for our digestive systems to successfully break it down. This means a lot of the raw maca root you consume won’t ever be converted into benefits, but will come out as waste.


Gelatinized just means that the maca root has been cooked before being broken down into a powder.

The best maca supplements will be gelatinized because they are much easier to digest and a more natural way to consume the plant.

The cooking process of gelatinization is designed to get the most out of the maca root, and as such you are able to fully enjoy all of its benefits in this form.

This process removes the starch content of the maca root, and boosts the nutritional value of the end product by a significant measure.

You’ll also find that gelatinized maca root powder is tastier, and much easier to consume than its raw counterpart.

The only downside of gelatinized maca root is that it can be difficult to find.

While some brands like Navitas Organics Maca Powder offer a gelatinized option, due to the costly process many manufacturers opt for the raw form of maca root instead for their supplements.

Maca Powder vs. Maca Capsules

The other main debate which you should try to settle in your mind before you decide which supplement to go with, is whether you want a powdered maca root or capsules of the Peruvian plant.

This is an age-old debate when it comes with health supplements, and the reality is that there is no true winner, just different options.

Some will prefer taking their supplements in powder form, while others will opt for the convenient capsule option.

Here are some of the pros and cons to each type of supplement.


Taking maca root in powder form is often preferred by athletes, and those who want a more instant effect.

  • High Concentration 

One of the main advantages of taking a health supplement in powder form is that you’ll get a much higher concentration than you would if you were to take it as a capsule.

What you lose in convenience, you gain in potency.

This is the main reason why athletes take protein in powder form before or after a workout, since it enters the body quickly and provides a much higher concentration than any capsule could.

  • Quick Absorption

Speaking of entering the body quickly, with a powder supplement you will get quick absorption.

This makes them ideal for those times when you need an instant energy boost.

Once you mix the power into a drink like a milkshake or smoothie, you can get the benefits almost immediately.

  • Flavor

Considered to be both a positive and a negative of a powder supplement is the flavor.

On the one hand, it can add something special to your morning coffee or smoothie if you enjoy smooth earthy notes.

On the other hand, it can be off putting if you aren’t into the strong flavors offered by maca root.

With a powder supplement you can mix the maca root into just about anything, from green smoothies and hot coffees to porridge and other dishes.

This makes it easy to get a high concentration of maca root in a way which shouldn’t affect your daily routine too much.


Capsules are the most popular way to supplement, given that it’s extremely easy to take them and integrate them into your daily routine.

  • Convenience

This is the single biggest advantage of capsules, that they can be taken in an instant and washed down with a glass of water. You aren’t going to find this level of convenience with a powder supplement.

This makes maca root in capsule form ideal for the busy or active lifestyle, or for frequent travel. 

While you wouldn’t necessarily take a powder supplement with you on a business trip, you could much more easily justify bringing a small container or zip lock bag of capsules .

You also won’t have to deal with the strong, earthy flavor of maca root if you decide to buy it in capsule form.

  • No Flavor

Many people claim that maca root doesn’t have the most palatable flavor, which should be a concern for you if you have a sensitive stomach. Fortunately with capsules you can swallow and wash them down without experiencing its full flavor.

The only thing you’ll need to concern yourself with regarding taking capsules of maca root is whether or not you’ll need to eat beforehand or not.

  • Slow Release 

Capsules won’t give you the instant impact the same way a powder supplement would, which can be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it.

Since it releases slowly, you’re probably best off taking the capsule form of maca root first thing in the morning.

Unless you are working out a lot and want an instant energy boost or muscle mass retention benefits from maca root, then you’ll be fine waiting for the benefits from a capsule.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Maca Supplements

What is the best maca to take?

We believe the best maca to take is NaturaLife Labs’ Organic Maca capsules.

This supplement packs a staggering 1900mg of organic maca root into every capsule, which is more than double of a lot of the other maca supplements.

It also combines the three types of maca root, so you get a complete product which offers everything from an energy boost to a whole host of benefits for your sex life such as improved libido and sex drive.

What’s the difference between maca and black maca?

There are three types of maca: red, yellow, and black.

Each boasts its own properties and benefits, and each has a slightly different flavor.

While red maca is more useful for improving energy levels, black maca is better for providing a libido boost.

What is maca good for?

Studies have shown that maca root is a highly nutritious ingredient which when used in supplement form can have all sorts of health benefits.

The main benefits of maca supplements revolve around sexual performance and fertility, though that isn’t all they can help with.

As its ‘Peruvian ginseng’ nickname would suggest, maca root can also provide an energy boost and reduce fatigue.

How long does it take for maca to work?

How long it takes maca to work will depend greatly based on the dosage you are taking, how regularly you consume it, and whether you take it in powder or capsule form.

However, as a general guide, you should expect to wait anywhere up to 12 weeks of daily use before you start to notice the benefits of maca.

A Final Word from Energetic Lifestyle

There are a variety of maca supplements available, so it’s important that you take the time to choose the right one for your needs.

You should pick according to your current lifestyle, factoring in how you prefer to take your supplements and which type of maca best aligns with your preferences.

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