Best Masticating Juicer in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Masticating Juicers

Best of the Best
Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor and Nutrition System Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction with Adjustable Settings, 150-Watt, Metallic
Best Budget Masticating Juicer
Omega Juicer J8004 juicer, White
Best Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer
Tribest Greenstar GSE-5050 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer, Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer & Juice Extractor, Chrome
Omega NC900 HDC Juicer
Omega Juicer J8004
Tribest GSE-5050
Best of the Best
Omega Juicer NC900HDC Juice Extractor and Nutrition System Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction with Adjustable Settings, 150-Watt, Metallic
Omega NC900 HDC Juicer
Best Budget Masticating Juicer
Omega Juicer J8004 juicer, White
Omega Juicer J8004
Best Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer
Tribest Greenstar GSE-5050 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer, Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer & Juice Extractor, Chrome
Tribest GSE-5050

If you know your homemade juices, you’ll know that the best way to make them is using a masticating juicer.


Because this type of juicer – unlike its centrifugal counterparts – will blend fruits and vegetables without over-oxidising them. It will retain most of the nourishing vitamins and minerals that are so crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

As it produces less heat than other juicers, you can create the most nutritious juices at home. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive into the best masticating juicers available! Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Omega NC900 HDC Juicer
1,895 Reviews
Omega NC900 HDC Juicer
The Omega NC900 is the best at what it does, without a shadow of a doubt. This masticating juicer doesn’t need to show off with flashy features or stylish looks, it just produces amazing juice every time. If you’re willing to invest in a more premium juicer that’ll last you a lifetime, then I highly recommend you opt for the Omega NC900.

Our Other Top Masticating Juicer Picks

Best Masticating Juicer Reviews: Our Top Picks

Omega NC900 HDC Juicer (👑 Top Pick)

The best masticating juicer of the bunch is the Omega NC900 HDC Juicer. 

Omega is a titan in the world of juicing, and the NC900 is their best offering yet. With minimal oxidation, a dual stage masticating process, and the potential to produce some truly mouthwatering juices, it’s hard to look any further.

It is also very easy to clean, which for a model as powerful as this one is impressive. 


  • 15-year warranty
  • 80 RPM augur
  • Dual stage masticating extraction
  • 5 settings
  • Chrome finish

Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer

The Kuvings Whole Slow masticating juicer might not be selling itself to you with its name, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in convenience.

Ironically, this slow juicer can actually save you a lot of time!

What sets this juicer out from the rest is its large vertical chute which allows you to grind whole fruits and vegetables. This removes the need to cut and prepare the produce in advance, which can be quite a hassle.

If you’re always in a rush, but you can’t go without your morning glass of freshly-squeezed juice, then you’ll almost certainly enjoy this offering from Kuvings.

This model is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to prepare ingredients in advance.


  •  Uniquely wide chute
  •  240W heavy-duty motor
  •  Recipe book
  •  Blank strainer
Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer
613 Reviews
Kuvings BPA-Free Whole Slow Juicer
The Kuvings Whole Slow juicer is a great-looking addition to any kitchen, and it has substance to back up its style. With a quiet process, you can absolutely use this juicer early in the morning before work or working out. It also allows you to make a variety of frozen drinks, which are conveniently included in the recipe book that comes with this model.

Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 Vertical Juicer

The Tribest Slowstar juicer relies on its slowness as its USP, as strange as that may sound.

Operating with a 47RPM motor, this model has a duo-blade auger. This ensures a high juice yield, which can be seen in the dry pulp it leaves behind.

The Tribest Slowstar is 100% BPA free. BPA is an industrial chemical which can be harmful to your health, so this means you won’t make yourself unhealthy to make something healthy. If that makes sense!

The stainless steel mesh strainer inside allows for a super smooth consistency as it will take care of excess pulp, leaving you with just the good stuff.


  •  47 RPM
  •  Duo-blade auger
  •  Mincing attachment
  •  200 Watt motor
  •  10 year warranty
Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 Vertical Juicer
864 Reviews
Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 Vertical Juicer
The Tribest Slowstar - perhaps unsurprisingly given its name - is best for those who aren’t in a rush. It’s ideal for anyone with the patience to wait for a great glass of freshly-squeezed juice. With an almost silent processing sound, you’ll never have to worry about disturbing anyone else in the house with you. A great choice also if you like your juice to have something green in it since it deals well with hard vegetables.

Omega Juicer J8004 (💸 Best Value for Money)

If you don’t have the budget for a top-end masticating juicer, don’t worry, the Omega Juicer J8004 is affordable and has plenty to offer.

One of the best cold press juicers – whether you’re on a budget or not – this model boasts a high juice yield, 5 settings, and the versatility to double up as a food processor. It offers a lot of power and versatility for such an affordable juicer. You can make pretty much anything you can think of with the J8004.

If that doesn’t sound like great value for money, then I don’t know what will.

We also love how simple the clean-up. This is a great feature since you’d expect a cheaper option to be a pain to clean, but that isn’t the case with this juicer.

 Despite being cheaper, you can expect this model to be a staple in your kitchen for years to come. The augur is built to last.


  •  15 year warranty
  •  80 RPM augur
Omega Juicer J8004
2,255 Reviews
Omega Juicer J8004
There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for a budget masticating juicer, you should go for the Omega Juicer J8004. If you appreciate astounding value for money (who doesn’t?), then you’ll be blown away by this offering from juice giants Omega..

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

The SKG A10 masticating juicer not only boasts a sleek design and attractive price tag, but it also happens to be one of the easiest models to clean.

This budget juicer has an enormous chute, which means you can just throw the whole fruit or vegetable into the juicer with minimal to no prior preparation necessary.

It also sports an impressively powerful 250W motor, which helps to ensure you get the most juice for your money.


  • 80mm wide chute 
  • 250W AC motor
SKG Slow Masticating Juicer
168 Reviews
SKG Slow Masticating Juicer
You can get a fantastic juicer for a fraction of the cost of the top models, but without sacrificing too much of the quality. The ability to rest whole foods in this budget masticating juicer shouldn’t be overlooked, as it can save you a lot of time. The easy cleanup is the USP of the SKG juicer, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up after yourself, it might just be the option for you.

Aicok Slow Juicer

The Aicok slow juicer is an incredibly affordable option, and a real fan favourite, sporting an array of useful features.

You can expect nutritious juice from this model just as much as with a top-range juicer, and it will taste all the sweeter knowing how much money you saved!

A perfectly reliable juicer which is even up to the task of grinding those notoriously difficult leafy greens which makes it a winner in our book.


  •  80 RPM auger
  •  3 year warranty
  •  Reverse function
  •  Low decibel noise

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer (💪 Best Heavy Duty)

The best heavy duty juicer has to be the Tribest GSE-5050. A mighty juicer with enough power to juice anything you can think of, it can take care of all of your juice-making needs.

The Automatic pulp ejection feature of this model allows both serial-juice drinkers to get their fix, and families or friends to benefit from your juice-making habit.

A nice bonus with this model is how easy it is to assemble and clean. This is always nice, and especially for a heavy duty model like this one.

It is capable of making top-quality juice, without losing a single drop from the fruit. The evidence is in how dry the pulp it ejects will be. At the end of the day, you buy a juicer to get as much juice as possible, so this is a huge plus in its favour.

 This heavy duty model will double up as a food processor no problem. This removes the need to buy several kitchen appliances. You will have an easy time getting the produce into the juicer. While this sounds like an odd thing to praise, some juicers require brute strength when it comes to hard vegetables like carrots and celery.


  •  Portable
  •  12 year warranty
  •  Magnetic and bioceramic technology
  •  Pressure adjustment 
  •  Twin gears
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer
1,042 Reviews
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer
The Tribest GSE-5050 uses its patented twin gears to great effect, creating highly nutritious juice, and squeezing every last drop out of everything you put into it. You can also adjust the consistency of the juice you are making, giving you the flexibility to please all of your friends and family. Most people even consider this to be up there as one of the best masticating juicers altogether, so what are you waiting for?

Champion G5 – PG710 Heavy Duty Juicer

The Champion G5 – PG710 is perfect for business-owners, juice shops, and those looking for a complete juicer.

Available in black or white, this model has a striking minimalist design, and is small enough to fit comfortably on any countertop surface. Having said that, it’s a big unit weighing in at 23lbs and earning its title of heavy duty.

Robust, efficient, and capable of producing large quantities of juice, the Champion masticating juicer is a force to be reckoned with.


  •  Stainless steel shaft
  •  Recipe book
  •  10 year warranty
Champion G5 - PG710 Heavy Duty Juicer
527 Reviews
Champion G5 - PG710 Heavy Duty Juicer
The Champion G5 - PG710 is a solid choice for commercial use, and is even worth considering for personal use. If you and your family consume large amounts of juice, and you value speed, then this juicer will serve you extremely well - satisfaction guaranteed.

Omega VRT350

The Omega VRT350 is a heavyweight option well-suited for commercial purpose.

With a slim design, this juicer won’t take up too much space in the kitchen, but has the power to deliver great results.

Equipped with 3 settings, you’ll have the option to reverse it if things get clogged up or ingredients get stuck.


  •  80 RPM auger
  •  Vertical design
  •  3 settings
  •  Large spout
  •  BPA free
Omega VRT350
116 Reviews
Omega VRT350
A good middle-of-the-road option for anyone looking for great results, and a juicer that won’t take up a lot of room in the kitchen. The slow speed will ensure that the fruits and vegetables retain most of their nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals, which is the whole point of drinking healthy juices, right?.

Why Invest in a Masticating Juicer?

If you’re at all concerned with making and drinking the best juice possible, then there’s a strong chance that a masticating juicer is your best bet.

While other juicers can do the job, a masticating juicer goes above and beyond. It’s the juicer’s juicer. The machine for anyone who’s crazy about healthy drinks, and looking to make the most delicious and nutritious juices.

That sounds great in theory you might say, but what are the concrete benefits of using a masticating juicer over another type of juicer?

1. Maximum Retention of Vitamins and Minerals

Perhaps the best reason to opt for a masticating juicer is its extreme efficiency when it comes to retaining the vitamins and minerals of the produce you put in it.

While a lot of juicers sacrifice some of the goodness of the produce due to hot processes and oxidation, the masticating juicers don’t have that problem.

Their slow auger will work to crush the produce in such a way that minimal heat is released, and that goodness isn’t burnt out of it. An extra benefit of this process is refreshingly cold juice.

2. High Quality Juices 

Oxidation of fruits and vegetables will result in warmer juice that will go off before long. Since the masticating juicer prevents this, you can expect your juice to last much longer, so you can make large quantities to enjoy throughout the day.

You can also expect a much better yield from this type of juicer. You will not only get all the nutrients and minerals that you want from the healthy produce, but you’ll also get the most juice out of them.

3. Ability to Press Both Hard and Soft Fruits & Vegetables

Is there anything worse than being limited by what you can put into your juices?

I’d argue there isn’t, especially if you’re crazy about juice like I am.

That’s another reason why you should look no further than the masticating juicer. The ability to juice everything from oranges to carrots will give you a lot more options with what you can make.

Before long, you’ll have your own juice bar at home, experimenting with all kinds of fruit and vegetable combinations!

Also, you won’t need to buy any other juicer. Since the masticating juicer can take care of anything you throw in it, why would you need to splash out on anything else?

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4. Almost Silent Operation

Lastly, the masticating juicer is pleasantly quiet as it works away.

There’s nothing worse than the screeching sound of a juicer piercing the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity.

With masticating juicers, you’ll be able to blend produce to your heart’s content, and do so without worrying about waking the family or spouse up.

This means that you can make your favourite juicer in the morning before work, at night before bed, and even when you have guests over.

What Makes a Great Masticating Juicer

Now that we’ve established why you’d want to get your hands on a masticating juicer, let’s take a look at what sets the great ones apart from the rest.


If you only want to buy one juicer, then of course you’re going to want it to last. This is especially true given the premium price that many of the masticating juicers demand. 

As a result, durability is a key factor in determining whether a masticating juicer is for you, or not.

A robust augur will go a long way to ensure your masticating juicer has the staying power necessary to become the only one you need for the foreseeable future.

If you need a juicer that will last a long time, I would recommend splashing out on a sturdier model. Buying cheap, but having to replace parts of even replace the whole juicer is a surefire way to cause stress and can end up being more expensive than the premium option in the long run.


While we know that masticating juicers aren’t the quickest compared to the competition, speed can still make a difference. The difference between painstakingly slow, and quick enough to make a juice before you have to rush to work.

The best augurs have the ability to produce quality juice in no time.

This might be exactly what you’re looking for. After all, not all of us have the time to spend waiting for our juicer to come up with the goods.

Having a faster model allows you the flexibility to make juices whenever you want, even if you’re short on time.

Having said that, there are several benefits to going for a slower model, so bear with me.

Masticating juicers operate within the range of 60-100 revolutions per minute (rpm), and the slower they go, the less oxidation there will be, and the higher the quality of the resulting juice.

With the slower speed models you can also expect the juice to stay fresher for much longer, up to 72 hours if you keep it in the fridge.

So really take the time to consider what it is you value most, and choose accordingly.


If you want one machine that can do it all, then you’re going to have to look out for those models which double up as food processors – and excel at that too.

Maybe you just want the juicer to make juices, and that’s fine. But maybe you’re in the market for an all-round kitchen appliance. A juicer-cum-food processor if you will.

If this is the case, then be sure to pick out the right masticating juicer for the job. Not all juicers will excel at juicing everything. Some though are designed to be versatile, and process everything from ground coffee, to nut butter.

So if you want an all-round kitchen appliance that will literally do it all, then save yourself a lot of time and effort and opt for a versatile masticating juicer.

Easy Clean-Up

It’s all well and good using the juicer, but what about cleaning it up afterwards?

If you’re always on the go, a slow clean-up process can be a real deterrent to making juices. If you know you’re going to have to spend more time cleaning the juicer than making the juice, you may be less motivated to use it frequently.

That’s why it’s crucial that you look for one which has a quick and easy clean-up process, especially if your time is precious.

The easier it is to clean the machine up after use, the more likely you’ll want to make your juicers daily, and the more fun you’ll have with it.

An easy clean-up process often refers to how quickly you can assemble and disassemble the model. If you can clean it up in 10 minutes or less, you’re onto a winner.

What is BPA (and Why Should You Worry About it)?

You may notice as you assess the various masticating juicer options that some point out they are 100% BPA-free, while others make no mention of it.

As a result, you might have found yourself wondering what exactly BPA is, and whether or not it’s something you should worry about in your search for the perfect juicer.

In short, BPA is a chemical found in most hard plastics. Should you worry about it? Not necessarily, but it’s all down to personal preference, and whether you think it’s a significant health risk.

Since BPA is present in everything from plastic bottles to household electronics, you’d think that we’ve got nothing to worry about since we’re already widely exposed to it.

However studies have shown that it can cause fertility problems, heart disease, and other health conditions. Yet this assumes that you have come into contact with large quantities of the chemical, which is unlikely to be the case for most people.

BPA is most harmful to infants and babies, so if you have children, then it might be best to opt for a BPA-free juicer if possible.

The good news is that cold-press or masticating juicers are actually the best option when it comes to BPA.

What I mean by this is that due to the slow process of these juicers, and the low quantity of heat given out, you’re much less likely to be exposed to BPA.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Masticating Juicers

Are masticating juicers better?

In our opinion, yes. What sets masticating juicers apart from other juicers on the market is the technology with which it operates.

The masticating juicer will extract the juice, remove the fibrous parts of the food, and process hard and soft fruits and vegetables. This creates a high-quality end product, meaning better juice for you.

The juicer does so with an auger which will easily work through whatever healthy food you throw in it. 

While it may be slower than the alternatives, and require some preparation, this type of juicer is synonymous with producing the best juice. Due to the snail-like pace, the juicer doesn’t heat up, and as such the vegetables will retain most of their goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals.

If you’re remotely patient, and are willing to wait for great juice, then the only real downside is the price. If you’re looking to buy your first juicer or are on a budget, you might want to look for cheaper options.

What is a masticating juicer?

Masticating juicer is the name given to the type of juicer which operates with an auger.

If you didn’t already know, there are various types of juicers available. Among the most popular are the masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and triturating juicers.

Each has its own ups and downs, but masticating juicers generally come out on top with regards to quality. Each also has its own process for producing juice.

Centrifugal juicers operate like a small washing machine, spinning to crush the ingredients to a pulp with sharp inner teeth. Triturating juicers will turn gears to grind down the fruit or vegetables and extract juice. 

Masticating juicers rely on an auger though, and squeeze the produce before pushing the unwanted pulp through a chute.

You can even use these types of juicers as food processors or grinders, given how powerful they are.

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Which masticating juicer is easiest to clean?

In our opinion, the masticating juicer that’s easiest to clean is the Omega J8006.

What’s great about the Omega J8006 is how effortlessly you can take it apart and put it back together again.

The biggest difficulty when it comes to cleaning masticating juicers is struggling to disassemble and reassemble all of the parts, so the quicker you can do this, the easier the cleanup.

That’s really all there is to it.

The Omega J8006 offers an extremely simple disassembly, and has so few parts to clean that you can get it all done in a matter of mere minutes.

This means you won’t have to dread making juices every time due to the horrible cleanup that comes after. 

Is a masticating juicer the same as a cold press?

Yes, it is!

A masticating juicer is sometimes referred to as a cold press juicer, due to how it works.

Masticating juicers give off very little heat as they work to crush and squeeze produce, which results in a cold juice.

The cold temperature of juice produced by this type of juicer can also be attributed to the speed of the process – slow. Unlike centrifugal juicers which spin like washing machines at high speeds, masticating juicers are firmly in the slower is better camp.

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A Final Word on the Best Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicers are the perfect way to get regular homemade juices into your life. Essential for juice-lovers, and worth giving a go for those who are just curious what all the fuss is about.

What better way to build yourself a healthier life than by concocting your own fresh juices?

I hope by now you can see how masticating juicers offer great value, and can potentially be the only kitchen appliance you’ll ever need!

Want to read more about the health benefits of juicing? Check out these websites:

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