Best Quiet Blender in 2024: Reviews and Ultimate Guide

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Best Quiet Blender

Best of the Best
Blendtec Pro 800
Runner Up
Jamba Quiet Shield
Best on a Budget
Hamilton Beach SoundShield
Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz), Sealed Sound Enclosure, Industries Strongest and Quietest Professional-Grade Power, 11-Speed Touch Slider, Self-Cleaning, Black
Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz & Personal Single Serve 20 oz Jars, Gray (58916)
Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender, 950 Watts, Ice Crush and Clean Programs, 52oz Glass + Portable Jars, Blends Food, Shakes and Smoothies (53602)
Best of the Best
Blendtec Pro 800
Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz), Sealed Sound Enclosure, Industries Strongest and Quietest Professional-Grade Power, 11-Speed Touch Slider, Self-Cleaning, Black
Runner Up
Jamba Quiet Shield
Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz & Personal Single Serve 20 oz Jars, Gray (58916)
Best on a Budget
Hamilton Beach SoundShield
Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender, 950 Watts, Ice Crush and Clean Programs, 52oz Glass + Portable Jars, Blends Food, Shakes and Smoothies (53602)

Blenders are great to have at home, and allow you to make all kinds of delicious treats for both you and your friends or family.

Though there is one issue that prevents many people from using their blenders as they’d like to, and that is the noise they can put out.

If you’re looking for a blender that runs quietly enough as to not disturb other members of the household who may be sleeping, then this guide is for you.

Let’s dive into the best quiet blenders available! Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Blendtec Pro 800
329 Reviews
Blendtec Pro 800
  • Blendtec blenders are built to the highest professional standards. Our blades are 80% thicker and 10x stronger than other blender blades. No tamper/plunger needed. Professional-grade countertop or in-counter professional blender with 1-touch timed and pre-programmed cycles for smoothies, shakes, soups, crushed ice, juicer, ice cream maker, mixer, and self-cleaning.
  • The Pro 800 is capable of achieving 3.8 peak horsepower under laboratory conditions.
  • 120 volts

Our Other Top Quiet Blenders Picks

Best Quiet Blender Reviews

Blendtec Pro 800 (👑 Best of the Best)

Our pick for the best quiet blender is the Blendtec Pro 900, which boasts top performance, but without the noise you’d associated with all the extra power of a premium blender.

Blendtec is known for its excellent blenders, and the Pro 800 is a great example of why the company has developed such an outstanding reputation. If you want a quiet blender, but aren’t willing to compromise on power and performance, then it’s hard to find a better value proposition than the Pro 800.

This blender doesn’t mess around when it comes to delivering the goods, with a mighty 1800 watt motor, 3.8 peak horsepower and as many as 11 different speeds. This high power, varied speed functionality of the blender makes it incredibly powerful, but also highly versatile. You can achieve whatever consistency you’re looking for with this blender, and throw in just about anything from hard vegetables like carrots to leafy greens. This is helped by the incredibly strong and robust blades which are built to slice through fruits and vegetables effortlessly. The blades are made from hardened steel and are actually blunt, which makes it easy and safe for you to clean them up after use.

There’s also 6 pre programmed blend cycles, which along with the pulse setting, give you all the power to make your favorite concoctions whether you are a beginner or advanced blender operator. The cycles include everything from smoothies to sauces, and make it easy to use the blender whatever your experience level. The built-in LCD countdown timer will help you keep track of your creations, ensuring they come out just as intended every time.

The jar is also something worthy of mention. As one of the brand’s special WildSide+ containers, this receptacle offers a wide base and a fifth side which helps provide a smooth and fast blend. It has a blending capacity of 36z which should be more than enough for making batches both big and small.

But what about the noise of this powerful blender I hear you ask?

Well, the main reason we picked this blender is for its Blendtec Sound Enclosure technology which allows for quiet blending at home or anywhere else you want to use it. The top and back portions will completely cover the sound produced by the machine, and let you make drinks and everything else without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.


  •  1800 watt motor 
  •  3.8 peak horsepower
  •  Safe hardened steel blunt blade
  •  11 speed settings and pulse
  •  6 pre programmed cycles
  •  Blendtec Sound Enclosure
  •  5-sided WildSide+ jar
  •  36oz blending capacity

Jamba Quiet Shield (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best quiet blender goes to the Jamba Quiet Shield personal blender.

As you might imagine, if what you’re looking for is a blender which doesn’t make a lot of noise, you’re probably going to be best off with a small personal blender over a countertop blender. If you value a low noise level more than high power, then the Jamba Quiet Shield is an exceptional quiet blender to have at home or anywhere else.

What makes this blender worthy of the runner up spot in our list is how it manages to muffle the sound with a highly effective sound enclosure system, while still offering up enough power and functionality to give you plenty of options. There’s a powerful 1.6 peak HP motor which should make light work of just about everything you could want in a smoothie. This includes ice cubes, hard fruit and vegetables, and even the notoriously difficult to blend leafy greens.

As for the blender itself there’s a filler cap which is capable of measuring the ingredients you add to the blender, and within the machine is a stainless steel blade that cuts through just about anything with ease. The removable parts of the blender are dishwasher-safe too, which makes it super easy to clean. The jar it comes with is 32oz, shatterproof, and has measuring marks to make it easy to follow recipes.

There’s a pulse function, and variable speed control, which makes it straightforward to create the food or drink of your dreams. Simply turn the dial to the desired speed, and the Jamba blender will do the rest for you. While there are no pre programmed cycles, this ability to set the speed to exactly how you want it makes life convenient and should cater to any lifestyle. There’s a Jamba blending recipe book that comes with the blender too, so this should give you some good ideas of what you can make.

As for the low level of noise, this is achieved with a sound enclosure system which minimizes noise while blending. This soundproof housing, or sound shield as some would call it, is very effective at muffling sound and making it easy to use the blender whatever time of day it is.


  •  1.6 peak horsepower motor
  •  Variable speed control
  •  Measuring filler cap
  •  Removable dishwasher-safe parts
  •  Low profile design
  •  Sound enclosure
  •  Shatterproof 32 oz jar
  •  BPA-free
  •  5 year limited warranty
Jamba Quiet Shield
245 Reviews
Jamba Quiet Shield
The Quiet Shield blender from Jamba appliances is an excellent option if you’d prefer a compact machine as opposed to a countertop one. It’s small and quiet l, yet still delivers amazing results with a decent motor and blade setup.

Hamilton Beach SoundShield (💰 Best on a Budget)

Our pick for best quiet blender on a budget comes from the reliable kitchen appliance manufacturer Hamilton Beach.

The Hamilton Beach SoundShield is a very competent blender and is by far the cheapest blender which also offers some form of soundproofing. While you might find a more affordable blender than this one which is quieter, it will likely only be because of a less powerful motor. The Hamilton Beach SoundShield though doesn’t compromise on this front, as it sports an impressive 950 watt motor which is strong enough to crush ice.

Along with the impressive motor, you can expect up to 5 speed controls on this blender with several one-touch programs. This makes it a solid option for both the experienced blender user and the beginner. The programs included with the blender include smoothie, ice crush, and clean. Activating these programs takes a lot of the thinking out of the blending process allowing you to sit back and wait for your refreshing beverage. The blender even doubles up as a food processor, which is capable of making hummus, sauces, and soups.

Another great thing about this budget blender from Hamilton Beach is that it comes with both a large 52oz glass jar, and a travel-friendly bottle. This means you can blend for both parties, and workouts. Whether you want to make a large batch for all of your friends and family to enjoy, or make a smoothie to enjoy on the go, you can do so with these 2 handy jars. The jar has a drip-free pour lid and is dishwasher-friendly, along with the blades and lids.

The soundproofing of this blender comes from the Smart engineering of the motor, as well as the muffled chambers and two-piece shield. All of this combines for whisper-quiet operation, which is suitable for all times of day. Many past customers agree that this is a quiet blender even without the extra muffled chambers and shield.


  •  950 watt motor
  •  5 speed controls
  •  3  one-touch programs
  •  52oz glass jar
  •  Drip-free pour
  •  Travel-friendly jar
  •  MultiBlend food processor functionality
  •  Dishwasher-safe
  •  3-year limited warranty
Hamilton Beach SoundShield
585 Reviews
Hamilton Beach SoundShield
The SoundShield from Hamilton Beach is the best budget effort to create a quiet blending experience, and also offers some useful features and functionality.

Vitamix 36021 Blending Station (💎 Best Premium)

If money isn’t an issue for you and you’re just looking for the best premium countertop blender that’s also quiet, then the Vitamix 36021 Blending Station should fit the bill perfectly.

This is a blender that means business, and one which cuts no corners to be one of the best countertop blenders around. The fact that Vitamix has managed to reduce the noise level of this behemoth of a blender is an impressive feat, and makes it well worthy of your investment.

This mighty blender features a powerful 3 peak horsepower motor for unrivalled performance. There’s literally nothing you can’t make with this blender, so you can make all the coffees, smoothies, and ice cream you want. There’s a ludicrous number of speeds you can switch between too, with 93 different settings. This gives you infinite possibilities when it comes to making your favorite food and drinks. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for a long blend, then select a high speed and you’ll have your drink ready in no time at all. On the other hand, if you want a slowly blended healthy smoothie that isn’t as susceptible to the process of oxidation then you have the option to pick a slow setting.

There are 34 optimized programs built into this blender too, so if this is your first blender, you can use it just as well as a professional barista or smoothie-maker would. Simply select the program that corresponds to the food or drink you’re looking to make, and the blender will take care of the rest.

The container is large and can hold 48oz. As an Advance jar, you’ll find that it’s very easy to pour with it and the blades should stand up to years of regular use. There’s also a specially designed sound cover which allows for quiet operation and minimal disturbance.


  •  3 peak horsepower motor
  •  48 oz Advance jar
  •  93 speed settings
  •  34 optimized programs
  •  Sound cover
Vitamix 36021 Blending Station
27 Reviews
Vitamix 36021 Blending Station
The Vitamix Blending Station Advance does a great job of combining countertop power with quiet operation, for smooth results every time that don’t have to disturb any other members of the household.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Quiet Blender

To find the best quiet blender, you’ll need to consider what past customers have to say about the noise level, as well as considering what kind of power and features you’re looking for.


The power of a blender is important, since it will determine what you are able to blend and how quickly you can do it.

With regards to quiet blenders, the most silent ones will be personal blenders, since these are smaller and more compact. However, there are countertop blenders that also feature sophisticated soundproofing technology.

Anywhere between 900-2000 watts is a good range for a motor, and should make the blender able to crush ice, and deal with hard and tough ingredients like carrots or leafy greens.

Horsepower is something that you’ll see only with the countertop blenders, and is another way to tell how powerful the blender is.

The peak horsepower of a blender refers to how the blender performs when meeting resistance in the form of food. It indicated how quickly the blender’s blades start spinning in the first place, so the higher the value the quicker it will get things started.

For countertop blenders you’ll struggle to find a peak horsepower higher than 3.0, as featured in the Vitamix Blending Station Advance.


There are some features which will make a blender much more versatile and give you more control and convenience.

Speed Settings

Being able to adjust the speed of the blending process is a huge plus, and most blenders will have this feature.

However, while some blenders will only have a couple of speed settings, others will have a lot like the Vitamix 36021 which has an incredible 93 different speeds to scroll between.

Controlling the speed allows you to make smoothies fast if you need too, or slower if you want to reduce the risk of oxidation.


A pulse option will give you the option to control the consistency of the end results, and allow you to unclog the blades if any food gets stuck.

Pre Programmed Cycles

Pre programmed cycles make the blending process very straightforward, so much so that a simple press of the button will give you the desired result.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to blenders, then you’ll benefit from spending a little more for a blender that has pre programmed cycles.

Food Processor

Food processor functionality is useful if you feel like you want to make more than just smoothies and juices.

For example, if you enjoy making dips, sauces, and soups then you’ll want to ensure the blender has the ability to do this.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Quiet Blenders

What are the quietest blenders?

We believe that the quietest blenders are the ones featured in our guide, specifically the Vitamix 36021, the Jamba Quiet Shield, the Blendtec Pro 800, and the Hamilton Beach SoundShield.

Are Nutribullets quiet?

There are some Nutribullet models that are quiet, like the 600, but many of the Nutribullet models aren’t so quiet.

How can I make my blender quieter?

The best way to ensure you get a quiet blender is to find one that has some form of soundproofing like a sound shield.

Although, you can use a towel too on top of the blender if you want to make your current blender quieter.

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A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

Quiet blenders are a great option if you live with others, since you can use them at any time of day without worrying whether or not you will disturb your co inhabitants. 

Choosing the best model for you should come down to price, power, and any features you value in a blender.

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