Best Resistance Bands for Glutes in 2024: Our Top Picks

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Best Resistance Bands for Glutes

Best of the Best
Gymbee Booty Resistance Bands
Runner Up
Recredo Booty Bands
Best on a Budget
Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands
GYMB Premium Resistance Band Set - Non Slip Cloth Exercise Bands to Workout Glutes, Thighs & Legs - Includes Booty Band Training Videos for Gym & Home Fitness, Yoga, Pilates for Men/Women - 3 Levels
Recredo Booty Bands, Non Slip Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Workout Bands Exercise Bands Glute Bands for Women, 3 Pack - Training Ebook and Video Included
Aora Livre Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs Butt Glute Squats Workout Exercise Bands for Women Indoor Fitness …
Best of the Best
Gymbee Booty Resistance Bands
GYMB Premium Resistance Band Set - Non Slip Cloth Exercise Bands to Workout Glutes, Thighs & Legs - Includes Booty Band Training Videos for Gym & Home Fitness, Yoga, Pilates for Men/Women - 3 Levels
Runner Up
Recredo Booty Bands
Recredo Booty Bands, Non Slip Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Workout Bands Exercise Bands Glute Bands for Women, 3 Pack - Training Ebook and Video Included
Best on a Budget
Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands
Aora Livre Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs Butt Glute Squats Workout Exercise Bands for Women Indoor Fitness …

While a resistance band may not seem like the solution to building glutes of steel, it can be a very handy tool to have in your workout arsenal.

It’s certainly true that working with heavy weights in the gym is one of the most effective ways for piling on the muscle, but what about those times when you can’t make it to the gym?

The resistance band provides a quick and easy home solution to working out, so you never have to miss another leg day.

Let’s dive into the best resistance bands available! Here are our top picks…

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Gymbee Booty Resistance Bands
30,914 Reviews
Gymbee Booty Resistance Bands
The Gymbee booty bands are exceptional, and provide plenty of incentive to incorporate resistance bands into your home leg days. Durable, practical, and with a variety of resistance levels, there’s just about everything you could ask for in these reasonably-priced bands.

Our Other Top Resistance Bands for Glutes Picks:

Best Resistance Bands for Glutes Reviews

Gymbee Booty Resistance Bands (👑 Best of the Best)

The best resistance bands for glutes in our view are the pink, black, and grey booty bands from Gymbee.

One of the most important factors to bear in mind when you invest in a set of booty bands is the resistance of said bands. If you just buy a single band, you run the risk of outgrowing its potential and needing to buy more later down the line. Gymbee avoids this issue by providing 3 different colored booty bands, each with their own level of resistance. There’s a light, medium, and heavy band, so you can go at your own pace, mix up your workouts, and progress without needing to invest in more equipment.

One of the other main reasons that these resistance bands stand out from the others is their durable non-slip design. These booty bands were built to last, and to be practical. They won’t roll up or pinch, and there are inner grip strips which will keep the bands in place however much you need to stretch them. Made from premium fabric and durable stitching, these are bands that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear from consistent use. There’s even a 365 day warranty, so if one of your bands were to break while using it, you could have it replaced. This is a sign of Gymbee’s confidence in the durability of their bands, and the chances are you shouldn’t need to take them up on their generous offer.

As a way to sweeten the deal and increase the value of this resistance band kit, Gymbee offers accessories and video extras. With the booty bands you’ll get a carry bag which makes transporting them as effortless as getting to grips with them. There’s also a detailed exercise booklet, in case you’re struggling for ideas on how to use them to grow glutes of steel. If you’re more of a visual person though, there’s also an incredible 50+ workout videos that you’ll gain access to upon purchase of these bands, so you can stick them on your television and get to work with no excuses.


  • Black, grey, and pink bands
  • 3 resistance levels
  • Inner grip stability strips 
  • Premium fabric design
  • Includes carry bag and exercise booklet 
  • Access to 50+ workout videos
  • 365 day warranty

Recredo Booty Bands (🥈 Runner Up)

These booty bands from Recredo are an excellent addition to any leg day, and are loved by many fitness enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to develop your glute muscles and you want to make sure the equipment you use is up to the challenge, Recredo offers the perfect solution. The main reason you should trust this brand to deliver is because of the flawless 5 star rating it has achieved with its booty bands on Amazon. With over 10,000 satisfied customers singing the praises of these resistance bands for glutes, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t high value gym equipment. What it is that most people admire about these booty bands is that they have been meticulously made for the perfect glute workout. From the durable design to the premium elastic, and all of the extras that come with the bands, there’s a lot to love about this set of bands from Recredo. 

There are green, pink, and purple bands included in the set, and each is a different length and resistance. That gives you plenty of options when it comes to making leg day as enjoyable and challenging as possible. One of the best parts about the design of the bands is the superior fabric used which the manufacturer claims won’t reduce in elasticity even after repeated use. As a result, it will be difficult to stretch out these bands, meaning they should last you a very long time.

Included with the set of booty bands is an in-depth ebook and video which will help you get to grips with the bands and get the most out of them right out of the box.


  • Green, pink, and purple
  • 3 resistance levels 
  • Premium fabric and elastic
  • Includes video and ebook
Recredo Booty Bands
2,425 Reviews
Recredo Booty Bands
The Recredo booty bands offer excellent value for money, and are backed by thousands of happy customers. The outstanding reputation of this set of bands is warranted by their premium design, elasticity, and tension.

Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands (💸 Best on a Budget)

If you’re on a shoestring budget, but you want a set of glute resistance bands to ensure you get a challenging leg day in wherever you are, Aoralivre might have exactly what you’re looking for.

This set of 2 resistance bands from Aoralivre provides you with just what you need to take on leg day and work your glutes out thoroughly. With just 2 bands, you might be wondering if this is a poor investment for the long term compared to those with 3 bands, but you should find that these last you long into the future.The bands are heavy and extra heavy, offering 30-40 and 50-60lbs of resistance respectively, so you should definitely be able to get the challenge you need from these bands. This may mean that they are unsuitable for complete beginners though, so that’s something worth bearing in mind if you’re looking for your first resistance bands.

These advanced resistance bands are made from durably, high quality fabric which the manufacturer claims shouldn’t break or roll up during use. There’s a 1 year after-sale service too, so if you don’t have any issues with your bands you can get them solved within the first year. For a budget product, this is a very generous offer, and should put your mind at rest that these bands are indeed high quality and not made from scrap materials.


  • Violet and black
  • Heavy and extra heavy resistance levels
  • 1 year after sale service
Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands
226 Reviews
Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands
If you’re looking to build upon the glute gains you’ve already made with some advanced resistance bands, then look no further. Available at a very low price, these booty bands are a no-risk, high reward investment in your fitness.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Resistance Bands

In order to pick out the perfect resistance bands to build your glutes, you’re going to need to take some of the following factors into account.

There isn’t a great deal to consider when it comes to selecting the right resistance band, as the main ways they differ are in material, design, and resistance level.

Given that glute bands mostly tend to be made of fabric, and have the closed loop design, this makes things a lot more straightforward.

Think mainly about the level of resistance you’re looking for, as well as the durability of the bands and any nice extras they come with.

Resistance Level

The resistance level of a resistance band is what will determine how challenging it is to use, much like the weight of a dumbbell or barbell would.

You’ll more often than not find, especially with booty bands, that each band will have its own color and correspond to a certain resistance level.

This can be light, medium, and heavy as in the case of our top pick and runner up, or something different such as heavy, and extra heavy like our top budget pick bands.

The higher the level of resistance, the harder it will be for you to use the band.

So if you’re a complete beginner, you might want to steer clear of more advanced bands with high resistance levels.

Although with that said, it’s good to think long term and whether you can see yourself wanting to challenge yourself with higher resistance levels in future. If so, a set of bands with multiple levels of resistance could be ideal.

The resistance of a band is measured in pounds, although this figure isn’t always indicated, so you might just have ‘light’ or ‘heavy’ to go by.


Durability is determined largely by the quality of the fabric used by the manufacturer.

While it’s difficult to distinguish many booty bands on this basis, look out for features such as the non slip strips of Gymbee’s bands or anecdotal evidence from past customers who have been using the bands for a long period of time.

Ideally you want bands that retain their elasticity over a long period of time, so this is something to look for in the product description and user reviews.

Also, many manufacturers will offer a warranty for the set of bands, so keep an eye out for this.

A 1 year warranty should suffice, since you’ll have got more than your money’s worth out of the bands by then if you use them regularly.


When it comes to extras, there are a few things that can be very useful to have.

Workout Videos

Some resistance band sets will come with access to online workout videos or a DVD, which can be very valuable if you want a follow-along workout.

We don’t all have time to sit down and meticulously plan out each leg day workout, so this can be a great resource to have.

Instructional Booklet

An instructional booklet serves much the same purpose as videos, but can be good for figuring out exactly how to do each exercise.

Some people learn best by looking at images and reading descriptions, so if this is you look out for this booklet.

Travel Bag

A travel bag is a very handy extra which can make your bands easy to move around with.

If you want to workout outside the home, or while away on business trips, then a travel bag is a useful thing to have.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Resistance Bands for Glutes

Do resistance bands actually work?

Yes, resistance bands absolutely do work.

Consider the fact that you can build muscle mass through bodyweight exercises alone, then imagine that there was a device you could use just as easily at home as anywhere else which added resistance to those moves, and you have the resistance band.

It’s an easy and effective way to make the most out of your home workouts, and can be taken with you unlike weights.

Which resistance bands are the best?

The resistance bands that are best for you will depend on what your strength and fitness goals are.

The main ways in which bands differ are in their materials, levels of resistance, and design. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably find that a light, fabric band is best. Whereas if you’re more advanced, heavy resistance level close loop bands might be best.

It also depends on the exercises you want to do. While a no loop band will be easy for hooking the band around a pillar for an extra challenge, the closed loop band will be easier for performing bodyweight exercises like the squat or crab walk.

Do resistance bands make your bum bigger?

Absolutely they do!

The only caveat is that you need to know how to use them correctly, and train with the sufficient intensity to see the kind of muscle growth you’re looking for.

If you keep the glutes under tension and perform several sets of lower body exercises 3-5 times a week, you should start to see results within a month or so.

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A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

Resistance bands provide a great way to round out your glutes and strengthen the muscles without needing to leave the house.

If you’re looking to find the perfect bands, consider the resistance level that’s best for your needs, and other factors such as the durability and extras that come with the set.

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