Best Smart Water Bottle in 2024: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Smart Water Bottle

Best of the Best
LifeFuels Smart Bottle
Best on a Budget
Contigo AUTOSEAL Bottle
Best For Sports
HidrateSpark 3
LifeFuels Smart Bottle - Water and Healthy Beverage Infuser with Tracking App - Wearable Technology for Hydration, Fitness and Nutrition Tracking - Use for Travel, Sports and More
Contigo Autoseal Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 Oz., Scuba
Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle, Tracks Water Intake and Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated, BPA Free, 20 oz, Royal Blue
Best of the Best
LifeFuels Smart Bottle
LifeFuels Smart Bottle - Water and Healthy Beverage Infuser with Tracking App - Wearable Technology for Hydration, Fitness and Nutrition Tracking - Use for Travel, Sports and More
Best on a Budget
Contigo AUTOSEAL Bottle
Contigo Autoseal Chill Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 Oz., Scuba
Best For Sports
HidrateSpark 3
Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle, Tracks Water Intake and Glows to Remind You to Stay Hydrated, BPA Free, 20 oz, Royal Blue

If you’re wondering what a smart water bottle is, you’re not alone. A curious invention, this is no ordinary water bottle, but one infused with technology to ensure you stay on top of your hydration.

The main feature you should be aware of is the frequent prompts which alert you that you need to take another sip of H2O. This is done a variety of ways, for example flashing different colours or notifying you through a mobile app.

Just like the FitBit and other smart fitness-related technology, a smart water bottle can help you perform at your best every time. Some even have synchronicity with devices such as the aforementioned FitBit.

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

LifeFuels Smart Bottle
251 Reviews
LifeFuels Smart Bottle
The LifeFuels smart bottle is the water bottle that could convince you to give up the environmentally-unfriendly plastic alternatives for good.

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Best Smart Water Bottle Reviews

LifeFuels Smart Bottle (👑 Best of the Best)

The best smart water bottle in our opinion is the innovative LifeFuels smart bottle. Although this bottle is very much a premium option, which is reflected in the steep price, it is absolutely worth the investment if you value the functionality of a smart water bottle.

The LifeFuels smart bottle stands out from the competition with its greatly innovative approach to making the consumption of water appetising. Fitted with all kinds of features and functionality, there isn’t much else you’d want a smart bottle for that this bottle doesn’t already do.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the key features of this bottle. By far the most exciting aspect of this bottle is the inclusion of FuelPods. FuelPods are the company’s name for small containers which can be filled with different flavourings. These pods slot into the bottom of the base (up to three at a time) and can be mixed with the water in the top part of the bottle with the simple press of a button. Once you press the button, just shake the bottle up and you have delicious flavoured water which should make staying hydrated a breeze.

The different flavours are worth mentioning too, since LifeFuels have their own range of charming flavoured pods to choose from. Some of these flavours include the classic lemon and lime, the spicy ginger and citrus, or the refreshing kiwi strawberry lemonade. Whatever your preferences, there’ll be a flavour you’ll really enjoy out of the ten they have available. What’s more, each flavour pod will contain plenty of vitamins and electrolytes to help you perform at your best and boost your overall health. LifeFuels even gives you the option to send these pods back to them to be responsibly recycled making them environmentally-friendly.

Aside from the FuelPods, you can expect great app functionality with this smart bottle. The LifeFuels app is free to download and easily paired to your bottle. Inside the app, you’ll be able to choose which flavour you want, as well as how much of it you want. You can also program in relevant information about your body so the bottle knows how much you need to drink and when to remind you.


  •  Innovative FuelPods add flavouring to water
  •  Make up to 90 drinks from 3 FuelPods
  •  LifeFuels app connectivity lets you control the bottle from your phone
  •  Hydration tracking
  •  Create recipes then save them in the app
  •  Holds 16.9oz
  •  4 days of battery life
  •  Includes a micro USB cable for charging

H2OPal Hydration Tracker

The H2OPal Hydration Tracker is a curiously-shaped smart water bottle designed to help you hit your hydration goals every day.

The curved design while slightly odd-looking makes this bottle easy to hold, and hard to drop. This is backed up by the silicone sleeve that makes it comfortable to grip, even when you’re on the go.

 The most important feature of the H2OPal though, as you might have guessed from the name, is how it tracks your level of hydration. Fitted with a tracking device, this bottle can be paired with a companion app that will allow you to keep tabs on how much water you’re consuming and how much more you should consume before the day is out. 

You might think tracking hydration is standard for most smart bottles, and it is, but what makes this bottle stand out is how it accounts for changes in the weather and your activity level. If it’s hot out, this bottle will adjust accordingly to make sure you drink enough to stay hydrated. What’s more, if the 18oz bottle isn’t enough to keep your thirst quenched, simply detach the tracker and fit it to a bottle that’s a more appropriate size for your needs.


  • 18oz capacity
  •  Auto-adjusting hydration tracker 
  •  Glass bottle
  •  App connectivity
H2OPal Hydration Tracker
164 Reviews
H2OPal Hydration Tracker
The H2OPal hydration tracker is a great option for anyone who loves to know exactly how much water they need to stay hydrated.

Contigo AUTOSEAL Bottle (💸 Best on a Budget)

The Contigo AUTOSEAL bottle is perfect for anyone not looking to spend a fortune on a smart water bottle. It’s ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle, looking to get a neat improvement on their current regular bottle. While not technically a smart water bottle in that it doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity, this bottle is worthy of this list since it provides a significant upgrade on most standard bottles.

The main features which make this bottle unique are the sleek stainless steel design, easy-to-carry size and weight, and spill-proof lid. These features combine to make this a very convenient water bottle to have, and one which you can take with you wherever you go no problem at all. It can hold up to 24oz of water too, which is a decent amount to stay hydrated for any kind of workout.

Worried about dropping it? Don’t be. Despite being an affordable option, the Contigo AUTOSEAL is made from quality stainless steel which is robust enough to endure plenty of wear and tear. 

Worried it might spill? Not an issue. This bottle has a specially designed leak proof lid which will prevent anything from getting out, and also prevents you from having any embarrassing situations.

Worried about having warm water? No problem there. The thermalock vacuum insulation ensures that any liquid inside this bottle will stay cold for up to 28 hours.

This bottle also has a handle for easy transportation, and comes in a variety of different colours for some nice personal customisation. The lid and ball are dishwasher-safe to make cleanup as simple as possible. Though, you will have to wash the stainless steel flask by hand.


  • Thermalock keeps drinks cold for 28 hours
  •  Stainless steel design
  •  Leak-proof lid
  •  Variety of colours to choose from
  •  24oz capacity
Contigo AUTOSEAL Bottle
30,265 Reviews
Contigo AUTOSEAL Bottle
This budget bottle gives you plenty for your money, and is a great way to transition from using plastic bottles without making a huge investment.

HidrateSpark 3 (⛹️‍♀️ Best For Sports)

The HidrateSpark 3 is our top pick for fitness and sports-based use. The attractive design and useful colour-flashing make this an essential bottle for those with an active lifestyle.

To start, there are six different colours to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. The best use of colour is inside the bottle though. Fitted with a glowing rod, this smart water bottle will let you know when it’s time to take a sip of H2O by lighting up in a colorful illumination. While this might sound like a gimmick, it isn’t. This bottle takes in your body information so that it knows exactly how much water you’ll need for the day, and when to remind you so that you can stay on track.

The design is made for use on the go, and this is clear to see with the silicone exterior and hourglass shape which make it easy to hold whatever you’re doing. There’s even a built-in loop you can feed your finger through to take this with you on a jog. It’s also a BPA-free bottle, which you’ll be relieved to know. Despite being made from plastic, you won’t have to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals as you take a sip from this bottle. As for the weight of this bottle, it comes in at around 13.6oz, which is very light. This weight increases once you fill it with water of course, but in general it’s comfortable to carry. You can expect up to 2 months of battery life, but the catch is you’ll need to replace the batteries.

In terms of functionality, this smart water bottle can be paired with an app that’s free to download. This is what helps the bottle determine when to flash and let you know that it’s time to drink. There are some settings you can play around with like how much the light will flash, but nothing too special. However, the app does allow you to see how your friends are doing with their hydration goals which makes it perfect for shared accountability. Perhaps even better than the app connectivity though is how you can hook it up to your FitBit which should make tracking your fitness goals a breeze.


  •  Available in 6 colours
  •  Bluetooth connectivity with companion app and FitBit
  •  BPA-free design
  •  Glow rod illuminates as a reminder to drink
  •  Replaceable batteries
HidrateSpark 3
1,254 Reviews
HidrateSpark 3
The HidrateSpark 3 provides a fun way to stay hydrated, while being ergonomic enough to take with you on a run or workout.

What To Look For When Selecting A Smart Water Bottle

What is the best smart water bottle, and what makes it so?

Well, the best smart water bottle we’ve found has to be the LifeFuels smart bottle. This product has a few features which are important to look out for when selecting a smart bottle, so we’ll take a brief look at what they are now.

1. Capacity

Capacity is a simple factor to consider, and one which you would need to take into account also if you were buying a regular water bottle.

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether you’re comfortable carrying around a larger bottle that holds more water, or if you’d prefer a smaller one which is more convenient but holds less.

If you live an active lifestyle and you want to be able to have your bottle with you at all times, then a good size is around 20oz or so. LifeFuels fits this profile at 16.9oz, and as a result is a very convenient option for those interested in fitness.

You might also consider weight while you’re looking at the size of the bottle, since this can also impact how easy it is to carry around with you for workouts. The LifeFuels bottle is about 3lbs without water, and 4lbs with water.

2. Connectivity and Compatibility

The next most important factors to take into account before you invest in a smart water bottle are the connectivity and compatibility. That is to say, what devices can your smart water bottle connect to, and is it compatible with ones you already own.

While the majority of smart water bottles come with their own app, as is the case with LifeFuels, others will offer the user the ability to use their FitBit in conjunction with them.

This is important if you want to make the most of the technology you already have, since you could find the bottle which syncs up with the devices you already own for the best results.

3. Features

Now for the most exciting part of picking out your own smart water bottle: the features.

The features of smart water bottles can vary from one to the next. A great example of unique functionality can be seen in the LifeFuels bottle.

This bottle has incredibly innovative technology in the form of FuelPods. These pods fit into the base of the bottle (three at any given time) and can be filled with an array of fun flavours. Such flavours include blackberry açai and kiwi strawberry lemonade. This makes for some very refreshing combinations which will make your water even more fun to drink.

These flavours also contain a variety of different vitamins and electrolytes to really help fuel your workout in the best way possible.

Other fun smart water bottle features include the ability to glow a different colour to remind you to drink, the ability to play music as you workout, and the ability to check in with your friends’ hydration levels through an app.

4. Battery Life

A final factor to take into account when you’re looking at smart water bottles is the battery life. You typically charge a smart water bottle with a micro USB charging cable, and can expect it to take roughly 90 minutes – which is the case for the LifeFuels bottle.

Battery life is definitely not the most important factor, but you don’t want to be caught out without your new smart bottle halfway through a workout. The LifeFuels has an outstanding battery life of approximately 4 days, so it sets a solid benchmark to compare to.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Water Bottles

Are smart water bottles worth it?

Just like with any smart, technologically-enabled product, smart water bottles have their uses and can help optimise your life and make things more convenient.

Smart products are usually designed to make things easier for you in some way. Take smart phones for example, they are fitted with touch screens which are incredibly straightforward to use as well as a whole host of other features that have made them indispensable.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say smart water bottles have reached this same level of usefulness, they serve a purpose, and can be especially effective if you struggle to stay hydrated.

Anyone with an active lifestyle will know the importance of drinking water regularly, but not everyone will actually do it. This is where the smart water bottle excels. It will make drinking water fun, and also remind you when to do so.

What does a smart water bottle do?

A smart water bottle will periodically remind you when to drink water, so don’t have to risk getting dehydrated. Either by flashing or glowing a certain colour, or by notifying you via an app on your phone. This is especially useful in the context of an active lifestyle, when it’s very easy to sweat out more liquid than you take in.

The majority of smart water bottles can be connected to smartphones via apps, making it easy to track your water consumption throughout the day. They can also send you notifications for those times when you’re too distracted with social media to take a sip of water.

Some smart water bottles will let you know the temperature of the water too, or let you program in your goals for consumption that day.

What is a high tech water bottle?

A high tech water bottle is one which takes in data about your body, and then calculates how much water you need to drink. It will then remind you when you need to drink either by flashing different colours or by sending you a notification through an app on your phone.

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A Final Word on Smart Water Bottles

A smart water bottle can be an exciting purchase, and can make staying hydrated a lot more interesting and enjoyable.

Whatever you intend to use it for, hopefully you can find a smart bottle that suits your needs in this guide.

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