Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar For Your Home in 2024

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Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Best of the Best
Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station
Runner Up
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
Best on a Budget
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar | Chin Up Bar | Multi Grip Pull Up Station | Perfect for Commercial and Garage Gym
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with 4 Grip Positions and Upgraded Design for 2019
Iron Gym Pull Up Bars - Total Upper Body Workout Bar for Doorway, Adjustable Width Locking, No Screws Portable Door Frame Horizontal Chin-up Bar, Fitness Exercise & Training Equipment for Home
Best of the Best
Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station
Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar | Chin Up Bar | Multi Grip Pull Up Station | Perfect for Commercial and Garage Gym
Runner Up
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with 4 Grip Positions and Upgraded Design for 2019
Best on a Budget
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Iron Gym Pull Up Bars - Total Upper Body Workout Bar for Doorway, Adjustable Width Locking, No Screws Portable Door Frame Horizontal Chin-up Bar, Fitness Exercise & Training Equipment for Home

Today we’re reviewing the best wall mounted pull-ups bars!

A wall mounted pull up can be an excellent piece of exercise equipment to add to your repertoire.

It will be responsible for countless hours of sweating, and can help you improve your pull up personal bests rapidly, and without needing to leave the house.

However, buying a wall mounted pull up bar to use at home isn’t quite as easy it may seem, so you’ll want to take some time to consider the various factors in order to make the right investment for you.

👑 Our Pick for Best Overall

Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station
149 Reviews
Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station
The multi grip pull up station from Gronk is an excellent option if you’re looking to challenge yourself and have plenty of ways to perform your pull ups, chin ups, and other exercises which require a bar.

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Best Mounted Pull Up Bar Reviews

Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station (👑 Best of the Best)

Hands down the best wall mounted pull up bar in our view is the Gronk Fitness wall mounted multi grip pull up station.

The first thing you’ll notice about this pull up station is that it is designed to be used in many different ways. Unlike the standard pull up bar which can be described as a simple horizontal pole, this one from Gronk looks more like a set of monkey bars that you’d find in a children’s playground. This is far from being a child’s plaything though, as it will require great upper body strength to master, especially if you move your grip from one part of the bar to another or switch grip style.

This is ultimately what makes this pull up bar stand out from the competition, since it is like having access to multiple different pull up bars at once. There are countless ways to ramp up the difficulty of your pull up workouts with this one bar, and this is huge if you plan on hitting all of the major muscle groups in your upper body. This is the bar for those who relish a challenge, and aren’t satisfied with just a single way of doing things.

Other features which the fitness enthusiast should appreciate include the non-slip grip design of the bar. It’s powder coated smooth, so you don’t have to worry about destroying your hands every time you pull yourself up. It’s also incredibly sturdy, and is built to support up to 800lbs of weight, which means anyone can use it and you can even get fancy and wear sandbags or a weighted vest to increase the difficulty of the exercises. You might have seen The Rock doing pull ups with heavy chains on his popular Instagram page before, so if you’re daring enough to try it you can do so in the safety of your own home.

As well as adding weight to yourself, you can also use a variety of accessories with this pull up bar for better results. This includes everything from ab straps and elastic bands to gym rings, meaning you get a comprehensive fitness station with a single investment in this piece of equipment. You’ll never get bored, as you can always mix up your workouts in a number of different ways.

If you’re still on the fence, there’s zero-hassle assembly with this pull up bar, and an overwhelming number of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Past customers appreciate the width of this bar, since you can work on narrow chin ups as well as you can wide ones. Many also praise the sturdy nature of the pull up bar, which combined with the various grips, allows you to really get creative without worrying about whether it can hold your body weight.


  •  Multi grip design
  •  No Slip Grip 
  •  Supports up to 800lbs 
  •  L 49, W24, H20 (Inches)
  •  Easy assembly

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar (🥈 Runner Up)

Our runner up pick for the best pull up bar is the Ultimate Body Press wall mounted bar, which offers up a simplistic design that offers a varied user experience.

In contrast to our top pick pull up bar from Gronk Fitness, this pull up bar is a compact piece of exercise equipment, which makes it perfect for installation in tight spaces. If you don’t have the luxury of having a large garage, or a designated home gym room, then this could be your best bet to squeeze your pull ups and chin ups in.

There are 4 grip positions on this bar which allow you to do overhand, underhand, narrow, and wide chins ups and pull ups. This is a key feature, since to get the most out of your workouts using the bar, you’ll want to throw in some variations from time to time to target different muscle groups. You also might find that having different grip positions makes it easier to stick to a workout routine, since it can be fun to try out the exercise variations. The grip positions are different lengths too, and fitted with high density foam padding to keep your hands comfortable as you workout.

You’ll also find that this pull up bar has a sturdy build, which mounts to the wall with specially designed bolts from Ultimate Body Press. This allows you to take your workouts to the next level, and complete as many reps as you want in a set. The design is also conducive to easy assembly, and there’s an instruction manual to walk you through the process. If you do struggle to set the bar up, there’s also USA tech support which you can rely on to talk you through it.

Speaking of the customer support, Ultimate Body Press offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with this pull up bar, and a lengthy 10 year warranty. The maximum user weight this pull up bar can support is 300 lbs.


  •  4 grip positions
  •  High-density foam padding
  •  Rigid bolt mount
  •  Easy installation with USA tech support
  •  100% satisfaction guarantee
  •  10-year warranty
  •  L 40 W 12 H 4 (Inches)
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
1,284 Reviews
Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
The Ultimate Body Press wall mounted pull up bar is a great compact option, if you’re looking for something to fit in a smaller space. Just because it’s a smaller pull up bar though, it doesn’t mean it compromises on functionality, as there are 4 different grip positions each of a different length.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar (💸 Best on a Budget)

The Iron Gym Total workout bar is our top budget pull up bar pick, given that it offers up a reliable pull up at-home experience for a fraction of the price of many other pull up bar setups.

This basic pull up bar is designed to transform any doorway into a pull up station, or personal gym. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who is simply looking for a cheap way to do pull ups and chin ups at home. After all, we don’t always need all of the bells and whistles that come with the premium options, and a pull up bar which does the job its intended for is more than enough.

This bar delivers a platform on which you can do pull ups, chin ups, dips, crunches, and so much more. You can even use it on the floor too, to add extra challenge to your pushups with various grips. Talking of grips, there are 3 different grip positions on this pull up bar, which will suit a narrow grip, a wide grip, and a neutral grip. Each is wrapped in foam to keep your hands comfortable, and each offers a different pull up experience for you to experiment with for optimal muscle gains.

The way this budget pull up bar works is by using leverage to hold against the doorway. Incredibly, this means there’s no need for bolts or wall mounts, and anyone can set it up without any DIY experience necessary. The other great thing about this super simple setup is that you can use this pull up bar in a rental apartment, without worrying about having to make permanent changes to the accommodation and upsetting the landlord or landlady. All you need is a doorway that’s between 24 and 32 inches wide and you have everything you need to do the pullups. There’s a maximum weight of 300 lbs for using this pull up bar.


  •  Fits up to 35.4 inch doorways
  •  Narrow, neutral, and wide grip positions
  •  Foam grips
  •  Uses leverage to attach to doorway
  •  Supports 300 lbs weight
  •  L 20, W 3.25, H 8 (Inches)
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
21,960 Reviews
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
The Iron Gym upper body pull up bar is a fantastic budget option that can be used on just about any doorway, without requiring permanent installation.

TITAN HD Pull Up Bars (💪🏼 Best Heavy Duty)

The TITAN HD pull up bar is  designed for rigorous use and intense pull up workouts, this is what makes it our top heavy duty pick.

If you have a proper home gym setup, or a large garage to do your workouts in, then you might consider getting pull up bars that are heavy duty and robust like these ones from Titan. What’s great about having a heavy duty setup like this is that anyone can use the bars, and you’ll be able to bring any fitness accessories you want into the fold. That means if you want to do pull ups with a weight plate in between your legs or heavy chains around your waist, then feel free. If you want to do gymnastic movements or advanced bar calisthenics, then you can. The possibilities are endless with such a sturdy setup as this one from Titan.

The capacity of this pull up bar system is 500 lbs, and it can be installed either vertically or horizontally. As already mentioned, the great thing about having a robust setup like this one is that it can handle a great deal of weight, which allows you to use fitness accessories such as gymnastic rings if you want to mix up your bar-based workouts. You can also adjust the height of this pull up bar, if you want the added challenge of jumping up to the bar, or if you have some taller friends who are interested in making the most of your home gym setup.

While you won’t have the same grip variation you get with other bars, the bar length on this pull up bar is 53 inches, which makes it easy to pull off narrow, neutral, and wide grip exercises. Past customers who’ve used this heavy duty pull up bar claim that it’s a great option for rigorous workout programmes such as CrossFit, and has a long life span as you’d probably expect.


  •  53 inch bar length
  •  Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  •  Can be height adjusted
  •  Supports up to 500 lbs
  •  L 53 W 32, H 31 (inches)
TITAN HD Pull Up Bars
754 Reviews
TITAN HD Pull Up Bars
The Titan HD pull up bars are the perfect heavy duty setup for your garage or home gym. It’s an ideal option for using gym accessories or completing CrossFit workouts.

Ultimate Guide

Choosing the perfect pull up bar to accommodate your strength and fitness goals can be challenging.

With many different sizes and grip styles out there, you’ll need to think about what exactly you want in a pull up bar.

Are you looking for a compact bar that you can easily set up in a doorway?

Or do you need something more heavy duty for rigorous CrossFit workouts?

There’s also other things to consider apart from size and durability, such as the weight the bar can support, the number of grip positions it has, and how comfortable it is to use.

Weight Capacity

Perhaps the most important factor you need to consider before you invest in a pull up bar, is the weight that it can support.

If you have a larger physique, the last thing you want is to attempt to do a pull up at home and to come crashing down to the floor with the bar and a chunk of the doorway.

While this is obviously a very unlikely scenario, some of the more compact pull up bars will support less weight, so it’s important to keep an eye on that.

The other thing about having a larger weight capacity is that it will allow you to make your workouts more challenging.

With more support, you are able to do things like wear a weight vest or attach sandbags or chains to your waist, in order to get more from your pull ups.

You can also potentially mix up your workouts with other gym equipment such as gymnastic rings and ab bands.

The more compact a pull up bar is, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to do anything other than standard pull ups and chin ups, apart from switching the grip. So if you’re looking for some gym equipment that can help you move on to advanced progressions of the movements, then it’ll be in your interest to find a more heavy duty bar.

Grip Positions

While you shouldn’t expect to find many features with pull up bars, one of the most important factors which separates some from others is the grip positions they offer the user.

The more grip positions you can use as you perform your pull up and chin up reps, the better.

While for some people it’s enough to be able to do overarm and underarm pullups, for others it’s important to be able to grip bars at an angle too.

Pull up setups like the one from Gronk Fitness allow you to approach your pull up workouts from multiple different angles, and even move between grips as you hang.

This lets you work on your stabiliser muscles, dead hangs, and general upper body strength in dynamic and challenging ways.

There’s also the question of how narrow you like your grip to be for bar-based exercises.

If you want to be able to grip the bar with a narrow, neutral, and wide grip, then you’re going to need to find a system that works well for you.

While most will allow this, some won’t offer the exact width you’re looking for.

While some bars like the Titan HD system will let you dynamically move between a narrow and wide grip as it’s all on one long bar, other pull up bars will require more athleticism to do so.

So in order to determine what grip positions you need on your pull up bar, it’s worth considering what exercises you want to do and whether or not you’ll want to mix it up often to add progressive difficulty.


The comfort of a pull up bar is key.

Now when we say comfort, we’re not saying that doing pull ups should be easy or feel like a walk in the park. It probably won’t.

What we’re referring to is how comfortable your hands are when they are supporting your whole body weight.

As you might imagine, if you perform a set of pull ups on a bar that has no kind of foam padding, it can be rough on your hands.

Callouses are normal, but you don’t want your hands to blister up since this might prevent you from returning to the pull up bar, rendering the investment useless.

If you’ve ever seen someone like ex navy seal David Goggins train on pull up bars, you’ll know how harsh a toll it can take on your hands, so comfort should definitely be a priority.


Arguably the last main factor you need to consider when choosing a pull up bar is the installation.

More specifically, how easy is it to install at home?

Of course, if you’re an expert in DIY projects then this may not be as big a deal for you, but even so, poor assembly parts or instructions can potentially lead to hours of wasted time.

As such, it’s important that you consider the installation of the pull up you’re considering, to see how exactly you’re going to put it up at home.

Find the spot in your home, be it a doorway or a wall, and make the necessary measurements to see if the bar will fit. This may seem tedious, but it’s well worth it, especially if this bar is going up permanently.

A good way to find out how tricky installation is and how good the assembly parts are is to peruse the past customer reviews on Amazon, since these are people that will have been there and done it already.

Bear in mind that if you’re not a big fan of DIY, or you’re not used to working with your hands, there are easy installation options that don’t even require you to do any work.

Pull up bars like the one from Iron Gym are both more affordable, and extremely straightforward to set up.

In the case of this pull up bar, simply find a doorway and you can use the safety wedge to leverage the bar against and away you go. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

What is the best wall mounted pull up bar?

We believe the best wall mounted pull up bar is the Gronk Fitness multi grip pull up station.

As you can probably guess from the name, this pull up bar provides plenty of functionality, and allows you to get your reps in with a variety of different grips.

This is an extremely sturdy pull up bar too, so you shouldn’t have any issues doing your pull ups and chin ups with added weight if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

What is the best pull up bar for CrossFit?

We believe the best pull up bar for CrossFit is the Titan HD pull up bar.

It’s an incredibly robust heavy duty piece of exercise equipment, that can stand up to the rigorous workouts associated with CrossFit training.

If you’re looking for a pull up bar to put up in your garage and get your CrossFit workouts in on, this is a great long-lasting option.

Should you have a pull up bar in the home?

If you’re all about optimising your home to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals, then we believe you absolutely should have a pull up bar at home.

What’s great about having a bar installed is that you can do pull ups, chin ups, and all kinds of challenging core exercises without leaving the house, so you have no excuse not to do them on a regular basis.

You can even do a dead hang hold on a pull up bar, which is a great way to relieve and decompress the spine after a day of sitting at a desk.

A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

While you may need to take some time to find the perfect wall mounted pull up bar for your home, it will be well worth it in the end.

A pull up bar is arguably one of the wisest investments you could make when it comes to getting in shape at home.

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