8 Powerful Energy Boost Juicer Recipes


Do you want to feel energized for the easy execution of daily tasks? You don’t have to take processed energy drinks or power boosting medications. There are natural ways you can stay energized without putting anything at risk. 

Often, processed power-boosting drinks can contain preservatives and other ingredients that might not be ideal for you. Power boosting medications can leave you with residues or side effects to deal with it. One of the best ways to increase energy is by taking juices with natural ingredients. 

The ingredients for making these juices are certain fruits and vegetables. These specific greens are notable for giving a refreshing and energizing effect. So, you can blend them in juicers to make natural energy-boosting drinks. 

Energy boost juicer recipes do not only help you with the required energy. They also offer the body some fantastic benefits. They have loads of nutritional advantages. Each blend can offer antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, carbs, and proteins. You can also find vital elements like fibers, valuable enzymes, etc. 

Are you curious about the suitable options to blend? Don’t think too far. Below are some of the easy, nutritious, and healthy energy boost recipes you can try. 

Energy Boost Juicer Recipes

1. Light Green Juice 

Time Taken: 10 minutes 


  • Green apples (4)
  • Celery sticks (350 gm)
  • Spinach (500 gm)

Light green juice is one of the most accessible energy boost juicer recipes. It uses only three rich ingredients and still offers a fantastic effect. Green apple adds a sweet taste and texture to mask the spinach’s tart taste. 

Green apples contain loads of fibers and vitamins. Spinach is the powerhouse of nutrients and minerals in this mix. Celery also has potent antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals. 


STEP 1: Prepare your ingredients. Mash them and ensure that they are clean enough. 

STEP 2: Chop them into pieces and put them into the juicer.

STEP 3: Add little water.

STEP 4: Run it for a few minutes until you have desired texture and smoothness. 

STEP 5: Pour into a cup and enjoy your serving.

1. Full Green Juice 

Time Taken: 10 minutes 


  • Green apples (4)
  • Spinach (1 handful)
  • Ginger (1 piece)
  • Kale (1 handful) 
  • Parsley (1 handful)
  • Lemon (1/4)
  • Celery (8 sticks)
  • Cucumber (1 large size)

Full green juice recipes differ from the light option in its ingredients list. It uses more green and veggies, which reflect both in taste and effect. The green apples improve the taste and flavor of this mix. The lemon also helps you to regulate the taste further. 

All green fruits and veggies contain chlorophyll. This green pigment in plants helps in blood oxygenation. So, this recipe option helps to increase physical energy and cognitive function. Each ingredient also has specific nutrients that it contributes to the mix. For instance, kale and spinach are rich in vitamins and minerals, and apples add fiber and vitamins. 


STEP 1: Gather your ingredients and wash them clean.

STEP 2: Chop your apples and other vegetables.

STEP 3: Add all the ingredients into the juicer. You can add the lemon towards the end because it helps regulate taste. 

STEP 4: The cucumber will serve as a source of fluid. But if the need arises, you can add little water.

STEP 5: Run the ingredients in your juicer for a couple of minutes.

STEP 6: Check for the taste, texture, and smoothness. Serve and enjoy your serving if they are all perfect. 

3. Morning Sunshine Fruit Juice 

Time Taken: 10 minutes 


  • Juiced tangerines (2-3 fresh fruits)
  • Juiced red grapefruit ( 1)
  • Frozen strawberries (1 handful) 

This recipe has its name “morning sunshine” due to its effect. The formula contains loads of vitamin C that are enough for the body’s demand. This constituent also reflects in its fruity taste. The end taste is sweet and tangy due to the significant citrus present. 

Grapefruits and strawberries are rich in fibers. Fibers improve gut and digestive health; hence, it aids nutrient absorption by the body. Tangerines have the bulk of vitamins, particularly vitamin C. 


STEP 1: Gather your ingredients and prepare them appropriately.

STEP 2: Peel your tangerines and juice them.

STEP 3: Prepare your grapefruits and juice them as well. 

STEP 4: Put these juices together in another juicer and add the frozen strawberries.

STEP 5: Puree them in the juicer and run for a few minutes until you have the desired smoothness and texture.

STEP 6: Add little water and run again until you have suitable consistency.

STEP 7: Pour it into glasses and enjoy your serving.

4. Citrus or Orange Juice 

Time Taken: 10 minutes 


  • Oranges (4 or 5)
  • Tangerines (optional)
  • Carrots (2 medium sizes)
  • Red apples (2 medium sizes)

Orange or citrus juice is another energy boost recipe that is easy to try. It uses only three compulsory ingredients. Although tangerine will improve its citrus taste and add nutrients, its use in this recipe is optional. The carrots and red grapes will enhance both taste and texture. 

All the ingredients in this recipe are healthy and support energy boost. The carrots contain beta-carotenoids that the body converts to vitamin A. Besides, oranges have loads of vitamin C and fibers. Adding tangerines will improve the vitamin and fiber contents. 

5. Mango Blueberry Juice 

Time Taken: 10 to 15 minutes 


  • Mango (1 big size)
  • Fresh or frozen banana (1) 
  • Blueberries (1 pint)
  • Non-dairy milk (1 cup) 
  • Maple syrup (1 tbsp)

Mango blueberry juice is one of the best energy boost recipes, and it offers a refreshing taste, and an instant energized feeling. The mango and banana improve the texture and smoothness of the juice. They also make a significant contribution to the fruity flavor along with blueberries. The non-dairy milk aids creaminess, taste, and texture. 

Every ingredient on this list is healthy and safe. The non-dairy milk makes it an excellent option for vegetarians and others with dairy products problems. Blueberries and mangoes are rich in fibers and vitamins. The milk content supplies proteins, and bananas also provide vitamins. 


STEP 1: Gather and prepare your ingredients. Wash and ensure that it is clean enough. 

STEP 2: Peel and cube a mango before adding it juicer. 

STEP 3: Peel the banana and add it to the juicer.

STEP 4: Add blueberries and maple syrup. 

STEP 5: Add the non-dairy milk. Note that you can use any non-dairy milk of your choice, including soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. 

STEP 6: Run the juicer for a couple of minutes till you have the desired texture and consistency.

STEP 6: Serve and enjoy!

6. Minted Fruit Juice 

Time Taken: 10 minutes 


  • Apple (1 big size)
  • Orange (1 big size)
  • Watermelon (half) 
  • Lemon juice (1 tbsp) 
  • Fresh mint (small prig) 
  • Pineapple (1/2 cup) 

This minted juice is another excellent option for energy boost recipes, and it uses pure fruit ingredients that you love on a regular day. Watermelon adds fluid, taste, and color to this mix. Orange adds citrus and fruity flavor, while pineapple and apples add sweetness. Lemon juice will help you to regulate the taste for the best outcome. 

Apples, orange, and pineapples are rich in fibers. Oranges also supply rich vitamin C, and apples help you benefit from its loads of antioxidants. Other ingredients on this list also contribute to their nutrient quota. 


STEP 1: Gather your ingredients and ensure they are of excellent quality. 

STEP 2: Peel, slice, and core your apples. Chop it before adding it to the juicer. 

STEP 3: Peel, cube, and deseed the watermelon.

STEP 4: Juice the apples and oranges for a couple of minutes. Add the pineapples and run again. 

STEP 5: Add watermelon, mint, and lemon juice and run again. You might not need to add water at all to prevent it from being watery. 

STEP 6: Serve it inappropriate glasses and enjoy your serving 

7. Vitamin C Booster Juice Shot 

Time Taken: 7 minutes 


  • Blackberries (1 cup)
  • Orange (1)
  • Tangerine (1) 
  • Kiwi (1)
  • Currants (1 cup)
  • Lime Juice (1 tbsp)

Do you need an energy boost recipe with a rich supply of vitamin C? You have your best shot here! This vitamin C booster juice offers a refreshing and refilling taste. The orange and tangerine give it a dominant citrus flavor. The lime juice helps you regulate sweetness and improve the taste. 

Blackberries and oranges are rich in fibers that help to ease indigestion. They also supply vitamin C that boosts the immune system. Kiwi aid the rich supply of other nutrients, particularly minerals and antioxidants. 


STEP 1: Gather the ingredients and wash them clean.

STEP 2: Peel and divide your orange and tangerine.

STEP 3: Slice and peel the kiwi.

STEP 4: Add all the ingredients into the juicer and run for a few minutes.

STEP 5: Add ½ tbsp of lime juice to regulate.

STEP 6: Run the juicer for additional minutes until it has enough texture and smoothness.

8. Refresher Fruit Juice 

Time Taken: 7 minutes 


  • Carrot (1) 
  • Red bell pepper (1)
  • Tomatoes (2)
  • Cucumber (1 big size) 
  • Watercress (1 handful) 
  • Celery (2 stalks)
  • Pinch of salt (optional) 

This energy boost recipe will not only help you to boost energy. It will also help you to feel refreshed. The carrot adds sweetness and a fruity taste to the juice. Cucumber, tomatoes, and red bell pepper also contribute to taste and texture. 

Carrot supplies you with beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin C. The rich water supply from various ingredients also makes it useful for rehydration.  


STEP 1: Find the right ingredients and wash them clean.

STEP 2: Core and deseed the hardball pepper and remove the watercress’ stalks with proper stalk remover. Also, peel and slice the cucumber and chop the carrot. 

STEP 3: Add these ingredients to the juicer and run. You can start by adding carrots and red bell pepper and run for a few minutes. Add other ingredients and run again. If you wish to add a pinch of salt, it is best to add it towards the end. 

STEP 4: Check for texture and taste before serving.

Note that it is best to drink this juice immediately. So, consider using frozen ingredients to make it cold enough during consumption. 

Frequently Asked Question About Energy Boost Juicer Recipes

Natural juice recipes for an energy boost are an age-long practice. It is a common trend, and many individuals want to try it. Do you still have questions that are lurking around your mind? 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about energy boost juicer recipes;

Does juicing give energy? 

Yes, juicing the right ingredients will give you energy. Drinking these juices on an empty stomach in the morning or at lunchtime will boost energy. Most of these juices contain varieties of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and other phytonutrients. 

Does juicing make you poop? 

Juices contain fibers that help with gut health and improve digestion, and the large water quantity will soften stool. They also contain sorbitol that assists with the regulation of bowel movements. But taking too much of it can cause watery stool. 

Must you peel a carrot before juicing? 

Peeling a carrot or using it unpeeled is a personal choice. The only difference between peeled and unpeeled carrots is the taste and brightness. Peeling the carrot will give a brighter color with a sweeter taste. 

Can I use energy boost recipes for regulating bowel movement? 

Of course! The sorbitol and fibers in these juices can help to regulate bowel movement. They also improve gut health and aid nutrient absorption in the body. 

A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

Energy boost juicer recipes are becoming increasingly popular. It is a healthy way of adding essential nutrients to your diet. The primary ingredients for these recipes are fruits and vegetables. Using suitable ingredients for energy boost juices will keep you refreshed and energized. You will also benefit from the exceptional taste. 

Do you want to catch this train and stay healthy while meeting your energy demands? Feel free to try out any of the recipes above. You can also be flexible and create your recipes too. Ensure that you use quality fruits and vegetables. 

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