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healthy strawberry banana smoothie recipes for weight loss
Strawberries and bananas are common and flavored fruits. But beyond this, they also have lots of benefits, including their use for weight loss. Bananas and strawberries form a good combination in smoothies. The combination has an iconic pink color. It has an incredibly delicious and refreshing taste.  These fruits
Best Time to Eat Carbs for Muscle Growth
Myths about carbohydrates have swamped the diet industry since healthy eating became mainstream in the 2000s. The age-old stigma that “carbs are bad” poses a threat to the crucial role that they serve for your body’s functions.  A healthy diet balances macronutrients, including protein, fats, and of course, carbs.

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How to Use Coffee as An Appetite Suppressant
Coffee is one of the most consumed types of beverages worldwide, with millions of people drinking it to start off their day. Some may even say that they can’t function properly without having a cup of coffee first and it’s not really all that surprising. After all, coffee offers
How to use MCT oil while intermittent fasting
One of the biggest questions most people have when committing to a bout of intermittent fasting is: what can I eat or drink without breaking the fast? MCT oil is often quoted as a supplement used with the ketogenic diet which involves periods of intermittent fasting to maintain a

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Beetroot Juice Recipes for Weight Loss
Today we’re counting down our favorite beetroot juice recipes for weight loss! People often subject themselves to harsh chemicals and rigorous exercise to achieve their target body size. The desire for quick results with minimal effort pushes people to put themselves in challenging conditions.  Weight loss can occur naturally
How to Get Rid of Armpit Fat
Is there a new sleeveless shirt top you’d really love to buy but are hesitant to? Are you looking for clothes to help keep you cool in the summertime, but are specifically avoiding spaghetti straps, tube tops, and other sleeveless options? Is it because of the annoying lump of

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How to Get Lean
Let’s get one thing straight, if you want to look like The Rock, then this guide probably isn’t for you.  When hoping for a lean physique, many people envision cutting down body fat or building natural-looking muscle to complement an already slim build. But what does it really mean
What Are Bloated Abs
What Are Bloated Abs We’ve all been there: upon struggling through a grueling core workout, we’ve taken a look in the mirror only to see what looks like bloating abs looking back at us. It doesn’t seem like a fair reward for our efforts, but the reasons for bloated

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