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Best Book for Weight Loss Motivation
Weight loss requires just as much mental energy as physical energy to succeed. If you ask people why they gave up on their weight loss, it’s rarely—”My muscles were weak that month”, it’s more often—”I just didn’t feel like going to the gym, or I missed my old diet.”

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Beetroot Juice Recipes for Weight Loss
Today we’re counting down our favorite beetroot juice recipes for weight loss! People often subject themselves to harsh chemicals and rigorous exercise to achieve their target body size. The desire for quick results with minimal effort pushes people to put themselves in challenging conditions.  Weight loss can occur naturally
Magic Bullet Recipes for Weight Loss
Today we’re counting down our favorite Magic Bullet recipes for weight loss. Everyone desires to maintain a healthy banging body, but sometimes weight gain happens faster than we expect. Many people mistake weight gain for a mere increase in body weight, but this process also affects the body’s overall
what does 5 pounds of fat look like
When it comes to losing weight, rare few people understand exactly what a pound, five pounds, or twenty pounds actually looks like. And we’re not referring to the actual yellow, greasy stuff, but in terms of everyday items that can give you an idea of how big a deal

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Thanks for stopping in. At Energetic Lifestyle we believe that energy is the ultimate marker of wellbeing. At a healthy weight and with a clear, directed mind you experience more of that “enthusiastic” energy — that general get-up-and-go. You’re more present, engaged and connected.



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