How to Lose Face Fat: The Complete No-BS Guide


When losing weight, most people think of losing weight around their midsection or on their arms. Losing a double-chin or chubby cheeks can also be a common goal. Your face is the first thing we see in a mirror and it makes sense that we want it to look the best it can. 

When slimming down it can seem that face fat is the last thing to go. Weight loss in general will also cause your face to slim down. It can take some time though and the hardest part is that you can’t control how your body loses weight. Some people lose weight in the face first and others lose weight on the stomach or in other places first. 

There are some things to do to help focus on losing some weight in your face. Fat targetting isn’t a complete myth, but it can be hard to find the method that will work for your face and how your body stores fat. There are some facial exercises to target your facial muscles though and help your face slim down. 

Making some simple lifestyle changes will also go a long way into helping your face slim down. Things like how much water you drink and how much you sleep can affect how your face looks. There are also some facial exercises that you can do to help your face slim down. 

Lifestyle Changes

There are some simple changes you can make in your diet and overall lifestyle that can help slim down chubby cheeks. Water retention can change the overall look of your face and can make your fat seem bigger than it is. By changing some parts of your lifestyle you can slim down your face. 

Face fat can build up because of water retention due to sodium. By cutting down the sodium you eat your face will stop retaining water. This can contribute to your face looking rounder than it is. If you are already dieting, your sodium intake may already be limited but it’s always good to double-check and make sure sodium isn’t being added to your diet somewhere. 

Carbs can also cause water retention. When doing one last check for sodium in your diet, you will also want to do a check for any sneaky carbs. Your overall diet can have a powerful effect on how your body looks, including your face. 

Sleep can also affect how your face looks. Poor or no sleep can also cause your face to retain water. It can be easier said than done, but getting regular sleep will go a long way into helping your face slim down.

Stress can also affect how your face looks. Some people carry various forms of stress around their faces. Again, it is easier said than done but reducing or managing stress can help your face look slimmer since stress can cause people to retain water.     

Another lifestyle change that is a bit more out of our control is hormonal changes. Most women are familiar with how hormones can affect your body and how it looks, but other hormones can cause your face to appear different as well. If you have done everything and your body is still holding on to fat, it is a good option to have your hormone levels looked at. 

The best lifestyle change, not only to lose face fat but overall, is to drink more water. By taking in more water your body will have less reason to retain water. It is also good for your overall health to drink more water. These changes will also have a quick effect on your face and you may see results in as quickly as two days. 

Facial Exercises

While there is not a single, specific workout designed to target the face. There are ways to work on your facial muscles, both for relaxation and to help trim down face fat. Some of these exercises do require having your hands on your face, so make sure your hands are clean before doing them. 

Brow Exercises

These exercises are very simple to do, though they feel silly while you’re doing them. By pulling and adding resistance to your eyebrows you can help the facial muscles strengthen and make your face look slimmer. 

Using your index fingers, push your brows up, and try to pull down on your eyes while raising your eyebrows. This will also help smooth out your forehead. You can also do this with the palm of your hands. Just rest the palms on your brows and raise and lower your brows. The palm creates resistance and defines the muscles in your brows. 

Doing eye squeezes will also help your brows, smooth out, and lose the face fat while working on all your facial muscles. Just pull your lips downward, in a pout, and squeeze one eye shut. Hold down for ten seconds and repeat with the other eye. You can also shift your mouth in the pouting position for more of a workout. 

Mouth Exercises

It is also important to work on the mouth muscles to help define your cheek muscles and lose those chubby cheeks. They can help define cheekbones and smooth out your face. With just a few simple workouts your face can look smoother and more fit. 

Smiling is an effective workout. Just be sure to smile slowly and feel every muscle move as you smile. Make sure that you smile as big as you can and show off your teeth. Then move your mouth slowly back into a resting position again. 

To add more resistance, hold up your smile with your fingers, and try to move your smile down halfway. Hold for ten seconds then release. That resistance will help build your mouth muscles and define your face even more.  

You can use your fingers for a full face exercise centered around the mouth as well. Using your index fingers by the cheekbones, lift your mouth into a smile. Flare your nostrils and raise your upper lip as much as you can. Hold for ten seconds and then release. 

Doing these facial exercises will smooth out your facial muscles and help your face slim down. While they do not feel like real exercises and you likely feel silly doing them, they can be completed in just a few minutes and they will go a long way in slimming down the face fat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Losing Face Fat

I have done everything here and my face is still fat, what do I do?

Each face is built differently and some people hold on to fat more than others. Face types can also affect how your face looks. Rounder face types can also make your face look fat and your cheeks rounder. If this is the case with your face, there is not much you can do to make it slimmer. 

How can I change the shape of my face?

The shape of your face is mostly defined by the bones in your face. Short of going under the knife to reshape your bones, there is not much that can be done to change your overall facial shape. Your jawbones are developed in the early years and can be more defined by eating more solids as a toddler. Your cheekbones develop naturally and cannot be changed. 

How quickly will I lose face fat?

That all depends on how much fat is on the rest of your body and how much you want to lose. It also depends on how much your body holds on to fat and where your body sheds fat first. There are some ways to estimate though. 

By making some simple and effective lifestyle changes, you can see your face slim down in just a few days. If the fat in your face is mostly water retention your face will look slimmer very quickly. 

If you are starting by losing weight in general and wondering how long it will take to see the effects in your face, that can take anywhere from one to six months, depending on how much body fat you have, where it is stored, and how long it will take for your body to drop the pounds. 

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A Final Word From Energetic Lifestyle

As with any diet or weight-loss regimen, it is important to be safe and healthy while losing weight. Always be sure that you’re eating enough to be active and not pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion every day during workouts.       

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