Is Black Coffee Okay for Intermittent Fasting? The Definitive Guide


Black coffee should be a guilt-free pleasure since it’s free from the extra calories and fat associated with dairy-based products like milk and coffee creamer.

So does that mean it’s suitable to consume during a period of intermittent fasting, or should you refrain from drinking it altogether?

While you should be disciplined with what you consume during a fasting window, you don’t need to blacklist black coffee. In fact, there’s some evidence that suggests black coffee could even enhance the benefits of fasting.

Intermittent fasting is tough; there’s no doubt about it.

So it’s only natural that you want to get every bit of help you can, and that means finding out exactly what you’re allowed to consume while fasting.

Fortunately, black coffee is among the select few ingredients that won’t break your fast due to its low calorie content. 

And since the only other things you can consume are liquids, supplements, and certain oils like MCT, you should see it as a real treat to look forward to.

In fact, if you really want to up the stakes and turn your black coffee into something to cherish, you can make it a bulletproof coffee by adding some butter and MCT oil.

Bulletproof coffee is a staple of the keto diet for many, and this is because it won’t break a fast or disrupt the state of ketosis, so why not give it a go the next time you fast to see if it’s something you’d enjoy?

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is one type of diet that is widely known and done by many people from all over the world. It is an eating pattern where you cycle between fasting and eating periods. 

Intermittent fasting does not limit you with what kind of food you should consume but rather when you should eat your meals. 

The most common cycle of intermittent fasting involves 16-hour fasting in a 24-hour clock. This means you would have to skip one or two meals per day. 

People who most commonly use intermittent fasting often have the goal of losing weight or improving their health, some also want to simplify their lifestyles.

Here are the three most common and popular methods of intermittent fasting:

  • The 16/8 Method – This method is also most commonly known as the Leangains protocol, which involves restricting your daily eating period to 8 hours, while fasting for the other 16 hours.
  • Eat-Stop-Eat – This method allows you to fast for 24 hours straight; however, it is done once or twice a week only.
  • The 5:2 Diet – This method has you consume approximately 500-600 calories only for two non-consecutive days per week while sticking to a regular diet for the other five days.

Since intermittent fasting tends to be easier compared to other diets, though you shouldn’t expect to see results in the first few weeks. The basic rule is that if you stick to this diet, you must do so for ten consecutive weeks to see some positive results. 

Is Black Coffee Okay for Intermittent Fasting?

Is black coffee okay to consume for people who are undergoing intermittent fasting? 

The answer is yes, it is okay for people to drink black coffee even during fasting periods. This is because it contains relatively low calories which cannot hinder your fasting. 

However, black coffee should be taken in moderate amounts only as overconsumption can damage your health. 

Sue Ryskamp, a Senior dietitian who works at the Michigan Medicine’s Frankel Cardiovascular Center, said that it is okay to drink a coffee with the condition thatit has to be pure black coffee with no sugar or creamer in it. 

A cup of black coffee contains approximately about threecalories along with very few amounts of minerals, fats, and protein. 

Although not scientifically proven, it was claimed by some people that drinking black coffee helps suppress appetite making it much easier to fast.

In general, though, drinking black coffee is unlikely hinder your intermittent fasting.

How Often Should You Drink It?

You can have anywhere from 3 to 5 cups of black coffee per day and this shouldn’t break your fast.

Drinking coffee with a less amount of caffeine substance like darker roast can erase the concerns and doubt it has around the blood sugar levels. 

Furthermore, the consummation of a moderate amount of black coffee amid intermittent fasting is impeccably solid however, you would also need to avoid most addictive substances like sugar or creamer.

In truth, black coffee improves the benefits of your intermittent fasting. Black coffee is often incorporated with decreased irritation and progression of brain function. 

Nonetheless, you still should try to control or clear the consummation of high-calorie additives during your fasting.

Possible Effects and Benefits of Consuming Black Coffee During Intermittent Fasting

Coffee is also not the only beverage that you can be drunk even during intermittent fasting but if you have to, you should consume it as pure black coffee. 

In reality, coffee can boost longevity. If we all appreciate its taste and can endure its caffeine substance content. Don’t waver to pour a cup of coffee for just a day. 

It is also known that the person who is in intermittent fasting, eat less amount of food in cycling between the period. Researchers recommend that intermittent fasting may advance weight misfortune and diminish chance variables for certain constant conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some of the most important health benefits that drinking Black Coffee brings to its consumers:

It Improves Performance During Workout

If you are undergoing intermittent fasting while also doing light workouts, then black coffee can be a helpful drink for you. 

One of the greatest and best benefits of consuming black coffee is that it radically makes our physical execution greater while providing a great difference between workout sessions. 

It works by expanding the adrenaline levels within the blood which plans the body for strong physical effort. You might know it this phenomenon as an adrenaline rush, which should push you beyond your regular limits.

It is Beneficial for Your Liver

The liver is one of the most crucial organs inside the human body because it performs so many numerous critical capacities. 

Based on research, livers adore black coffee as it can make a difference in preventing liver cancer, hepatitis, greasy liver disease, and alcoholic cirrhosis. Black coffee also makes a difference by lowering the level of unfriendly liver proteins within the blood.

It is Also A Stomach Cleanser

While in intermittent fasting, it is important to purify and cleanse the stomach of any impurities and bacteria that could cause numerous diseases. Drinking black coffee may help its consumers cleanse the toxins and bacteria out of the body.

It Helps in Weight loss

Some research or studies shows that caffeine may increase the burn and removal of fats while also boosting the person’s metabolic rate. 

Caffeine is found in nearly every commercial for a fat-burning supplement – and a great reason. 

It is one of the few common substances demonstrated to help with the burning of fat. 

Several experts claim that caffeine can boost the person’s metabolic rate by 3-11% while others also think that the demonstration of caffeine can particularly increment fat burning by as much as 10% in hefty people and 29% in incline individuals.

If you want to rapidly reduce your weight while undergoing intermittent fasting, drinking black coffee may be one of the answers. Black coffee makes a huge difference in boosting your digestive system by roughly 50 percent. 

It can burn fats within the tummy since it is also said to be a fat burning refreshment.  It also fortifies the anxious framework which signals the body to break down the fat cells and convert them as a source of vitality as contradicted to glycogen.

It Contains Antioxidants

Black coffee is also known to be rich in antioxidants and contains the vitamins B2, B3, B5, Potassium, Manganese, and Magnesium. These antioxidants and minerals can be vital in cleansing and purifying the stomach and body.

Decreases The Risk Of Diabetes

Drinking black coffee can also help us to reduce the risk of acquiring diabetes which can lead to organ damage and heart diseases. Black coffee helps control the body’s blood sugar by increasing the insulin production of our body.

It Can Improve Energy Levels

Black coffee is also said to help people feel less tired and increment vitality levels. Since it also contains a stimulant called caffeine – the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance within the world. 

After coffee intake, the caffeine is retained within the person’s circulatory system from there, it comes or travels to the brain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Coffee

Does black coffee break intermittent fasting?

In short, no, black coffee doens’t break your fast while intermittent fasting.

You can drink it in small amounts while fasting, since it contains just a few calories.

There is some evidence to suggest that drinking black coffee while intermittent fasting can even improve the effects of the fast.

Can I drink coffee on the 16 8 Diet?

Yes, you can drink coffee on the 16 8 diet.

In this time-restricted fasting diet, you have a 16-hour window in which you can’t consume food, but you should still take on fluids and hot drinks like coffee and tea are permitted.

While normal coffee should be fine, black coffee is best for any kind of fast as it contains fewer calories.

How much black coffee can you drink while fasting?

If you’re fasting, you should try to limit your consumption of anything other than water.

However, black coffee isn’t going to break your fast and could actually boost the effect of it, provided you consume it in small amounts.

As to specifically how muchh you can drink, studies show that up to 3 cups a day is fine.

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A Final Word from Energetic Lifestyle

The bottom line? It is okay to consume black coffee even during the consumer’s intermittent fasting. As long as it is taken in as pure black coffee without any sugar or creamer and is consumed in moderate amounts, then you can expect no harm from doing so. 

Just remember to also consume water during the fasting period so that your stomach would not be harmed, and the acid levels of your body will not skyrocket.

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