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Spirulina Smoothies
As the summer heat descends, you’re on the hunt for something oh-so-fresh to fill your belly and lift your spirits, but not to weigh you down. These spirulina smoothies are the perfect treat— refreshing, healthy and delicious. Why Spirulina? Spirulina is just about the healthiest food found on this
Beetroot Juice Recipes for Weight Loss
Today we’re counting down our favorite beetroot juice recipes for weight loss! People often subject themselves to harsh chemicals and rigorous exercise to achieve their target body size. The desire for quick results with minimal effort pushes people to put themselves in challenging conditions.  Weight loss can occur naturally
Best Blender for Juicing
Best Blender for Juicing While it’s commonly thought that juicing is reserved only for juicers, and understandably so, blenders can also be a great way to make healthy homemade juices. What’s more, by choosing to use a blender for making your juices, you’ll likely save time and space, and
spinach juicing benefits
Spinach Juicing Benefits Juicing spinach has plenty of benefits. Spinach is a type of vegetable that has a lot of vitamins and nutrients including manganese, carotene, folic acid, potassium, and magnesium. The iron content of this green leafy vegetable is twice the iron content found in other vegetables such
Spirulina Recipes
If you and your family could use a nutrition boost that will enhance immune function, detox your liver, keep cholesterol, blood-pressure and blood-sugar levels under control, protect you from certain cancers, increase strength and endurance, and improve cognitive function—well, these spirulina recipes may just be for you. Adding spirulina
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