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Obesity is one of the common medical issues our society faces today. While some are concerned about its effect on our appearance, its impact on our health runs way deeper than most people know.

With so many negative health effects, knowledge about maintaining or losing weight will go a long way to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

From certain diets to manage their calorie intake, people who are concerned about what they eat are generally more resistant to sickness and have a longer lifespan. For example, research says that losing about 5-10% of your total body weight can already improve your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugars in your blood.

Of the many practices of weight loss and diets, one of the most efficient is juicing or blending fruits and other healthy foods. Both methods have distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. With that said, learn about their differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method below.

Differentiating Juicing from Blending

Juicing and blending differentiate from one other based on what’s left out after the process. In juicing, all the fibrous components of the ingredients are left out. Only the juice is extracted from vegetables and fruits.

Blending, on the other hand, is processing everything from the pulp, fiber, and everything else that comes with the fruit and/or vegetable.

Benefits of Juicing

  • More concentrated

In juicing, you simply squeeze the juice out of the fruits. Because there isn’t much tampering done, the nutrients are more concentrated; thus, you get more nutrients per ounce than you would in blending. That is one of the key advantages of juicing in the juicing vs blending for weight loss.

  • Easier to digest

Furthermore, it is easier to absorb the nutrients since most of the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable are found in the juice and also since there no fibers or pulp in it. With the absence of fiber, juicing gives your stomach a rest from digestion.

For people who can’t stomach the taste of some vegetables and fruits, juicing is a good option since they can gulp it down without savoring much of the taste. 

  • Cleansing and detoxification

Research regarding juicing also suggests that it helps with cleansing and detoxification. If you have trouble eating enough fruits and vegetables, then juicing is an excellent way to supplement your body with the necessary nutrients.

One study shows that in 2 weeks, adding a drink of fruit and vegetable juice to your diet every day improves the levels of folate and antioxidants in your body. This includes vitamins like beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folate, selenium, etc. 

  • Reduced risk of certain diseases

When it comes to combating diseases, many studies claim that fruit juices help reduce your risks of obtaining heart diseases. Drinking the juice of fruits containing Vitamin C, your immune system will improve and thus reducing chances of sickness and diseases.

Although there are supplements to vitamins nowadays at your local pharmacy, drinking the needed nutrients has proven to be more effective, less costly, and have the benefit of not having preservatives.

Another big study claims that those who drink juiced vegetables and fruits three times a week have fewer chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease than those who drink less than once. The high levels of polyphenols in the juices may be the reason for this risk reduction.

Disadvantages of Juicing

  • Less satisfying

A disadvantage of juicing in the juicing vs blending for weight loss debate is that when you only extract the juice, it becomes less satisfying, and therefore you cannot stave off hunger. This means that you might have an urge to consume the same number of calories in a day.

  • Some contain acid

Furthermore, some juices contain acid, which makes you hungry and thus urges you to eat. This again is a hindrance to people aiming to lose weight.

Benefits of Blending

  • Easier to consume

In blending, since you process the whole fruit or vegetable, you retain all of its nutrients, especially the fibers. The food in blending remains intact and easier to consume.

It is also easier to adjust the taste when blending, so food that you generally have trouble consuming due to the taste may be added in a healthy smoothie, and this diminishes the taste of that food.

Because of this, you can add a lot of different vegetables and fruits and experiment with the taste to satisfy your tongue. 

  • Food remains intact compared to juicing

Another major benefit of blending is that the fibers in food remain intact. Fiber aids in digestion stabilizes the sugar levels in your blood and helps prevent chronic diseases. Consumption of dietary fibers also helps in regulating your bowel movements.

There are two classifications of fiber. The first is soluble fiber, which dissolves in water, and this fiber regulates your glucose levels and blood cholesterol. It is commonly found in peas, oats, beans, citrus fruits, etc.

The second type of fiber is called insoluble fiber and this type of fiber does not dissolve in water. This is the fiber responsible for regulating your bowel movements as it softens your stool and makes it easier to eject from your body. It also lessens the strain on your bowel.  

Insoluble fiber reduces the risks of acquiring bowel diseases and hemorrhoids. It also controls your blood sugar levels and lowers your overall cholesterol level. One study state that regularly consuming both soluble and insoluble fiber reduces the possibility of dying from heart diseases and generally helps you live longer.

Both types of fibers have also been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes. Blending food is highly recommended for people who have a diabetic background.

  • More fulfilling

Blending is also more filling compared to juicing. In juicing vs blending, I’d go for blending when it comes to stomach satisfaction. You can stave off hunger when drinking a smoothie since it has fiber and is heavier than just pure juice.

This is also because everything is processed and not just the juices. Therefore this indirectly aids in weight loss since sometimes you can consume a smoothie as a substitute for a meal.

Food is more filling, especially in high fiber blends, thus you don’t need to eat much. Fiber also helps you stave hunger longer, so when trying to lose weight, blend some high fiber foods to supplement your daily consumption of calories.

  • Easily absorbed by the body 

Vegetables and fruits that are blended are also generally easier to digest than solid foods. This means that the nutrients get absorbed and assimilated by the body quicker. When food is digested quicker, your digestive organs have less strain. 

  • Less sugar

Although both methods contain high amounts of sugar, blending doesn’t have as much sugar as juice. Blending also has less waste compared to juicing. This is because you use the whole fruit or vegetable when blending.

It is an excellent way to increase the number of vegetables you take. For some people, vegetables aren’t exactly a treat to their palettes. However, in blending, you can add those vegetables you hate and mix them with other fruits you like, and you can make something taste good.

  • Convenient

Blending is also more convenient. You just have to put all the ingredients in a blender and blend the food to your desired thickness.

Especially when you just woke up and don’t want to fuss too much about food preparation, you can blend your food. It’s easy, faster, and more filling than juicing.

Disadvantages of Blending

  • Must take note of calorie intake

An important thing to note when blending is that you manage your calories in your smoothie and make sure there are enough fibers.

Some studies point out that when you drink your calories, there may be instances wherein you don’t compensate by eating fewer calories further along in the day. This might hamper your goal of weight loss, so this is important to note and be watchful of.

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A Final Word from Energetic Lifestyle

While both methods have certain advantages and disadvantages over the other, they both share one downside, and that is sugar. Both methods contain a significant amount of sugar. Sugar is not good for people aiming to lose weight.

When it comes to nutrients, juicing has more nutrients per ounce compared to blending. However, when it comes to satisfaction and the existence of fiber, blending has the upper hand. 

Both blending and juicing have great health benefits. They combat a lot of illnesses, especially cardiovascular diseases, and both prolong your lifespan. When it comes to nutrients, both excel in their way.

Juicing has more concentrated nutrients, while blending has the complete package. In absorbing the nutrients, both are quick but juicing is more efficient since everything is liquified. 

In cost, there is a slight difference. Because juicing only extracts the juices, there is a lot of wasted food. In contrast, blending gives you more value for your money since most of the time, you use the whole bulk of fruits and vegetables.

There may be instances wherein blending backfires to the goal of weight loss. This is because smoothies contain more calories. Therefore, you should consider the number of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in your smoothie so as not to hinder your weight loss program.

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