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Tom Ellis Workout
Celebrities working out for major roles in blockbuster movies and popular tv shows are a modern-day reality show. Considering that actors are paid the top dollar to look their best for their role in the film, it’s only natural that their physiques are also in their best condition. For

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Ryan Gosling Workout
“Crazy, Stupid, Love”, the highly rated romantic comedy of 2011, came with a slew of pickup lines from womanizer Jacob Palmer (portrayed by Ryan Gosling). But, the one line that arguably stuck out the most was the comment made by Hannah (portrayed by Emma Stone), when she saw Jacob

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Walking is great. There are so many health benefits associated with it that it would take far too long to list them all out here. But one burning question you might have about walking is whether or not you can build muscle while doing it. The short answer is
Zac Efron Workout
We millennials grew up with Troy Bolton, but suddenly he graduated high school and made a fraternity somewhere in California. Looks like his basketball and singing career has gone athletic and musical for the worse.  If you aren’t familiar with High School Musical, then we’re talking about none other

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dips vs push-ups
As more people shift to working out from home, it is important to know what workouts to do and why.  People want to work on their arms, and two main exercises focus on the arms that don’t require weights. When planning a workout routine at home, you should become

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