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dips vs push-ups
As more people shift to working out from home, it is important to know what workouts to do and why.  People want to work on their arms, and two main exercises focus on the arms that don’t require weights. When planning a workout routine at home, you should become

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Ryan Gosling Workout
“Crazy, Stupid, Love”, the highly rated romantic comedy of 2011, came with a slew of pickup lines from womanizer Jacob Palmer (portrayed by Ryan Gosling). But, the one line that arguably stuck out the most was the comment made by Hannah (portrayed by Emma Stone), when she saw Jacob

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How to Do Muscle Ups
Muscle ups had their time as a trend, and have somewhat fallen out of the public eye as of late. But in crossfit gyms and outdoor workout areas across the country, people are still doing muscle-ups and seeing serious benefits. They’re fun, challenging, and a great workout that hits

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What muscles do dips work
Dips are a powerful bodyweight movement that requires strong core muscles and upper body strength. They are an excellent supplementary exercise to include in your workout routine, whatever your fitness goals may be. Depending on the type of dips you do, the exercise can work everything from the pectoralis
How to Get Ripped with Calisthenics
Have you ever been fascinated by the ripped pictures of Instagram influencers and fitness freaks all over the internet? If so, you’re probably thinking about how they fine-tune their bodies so perfectly. Haters would say, “steroids”. However, this might not always be true, some people do pull out all

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