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Fight Club Body_ The Ultimate Guide
When Fight Club was first released in 1999, people were impressed with more than just the incredible big-screen adaptation of this story. Most who were watching couldn’t take their eyes off of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. His physique for the film was rock solid to the point that

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Zac Efron Workout
We millennials grew up with Troy Bolton, but suddenly he graduated high school and made a fraternity somewhere in California. Looks like his basketball and singing career has gone athletic and musical for the worse.  If you aren’t familiar with High School Musical, then we’re talking about none other

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Tom Ellis Workout
Celebrities working out for major roles in blockbuster movies and popular tv shows are a modern-day reality show. Considering that actors are paid the top dollar to look their best for their role in the film, it’s only natural that their physiques are also in their best condition. For

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How to Get Flexible Fast
To become more flexible, you will need to put your body under rigid flexibility training. However, wanting to do it quickly is another story. You do not only need extensive training but also an iron-clad resolve and the right knowledge and techniques to get the results that you want. 
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