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Henry Cavill Workout Witcher
Famous for his portrayal of Clark Kent, a.k.a Superman in the DC franchise, the infamous Man of Steel takes on another physically harrowing role as a legendary Witcher— an itinerant monster slayer for hire. After seeing Henry Cavill play as usually conserved characters, it’s a refresher to witness him

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Fight Club Body_ The Ultimate Guide
When Fight Club was first released in 1999, people were impressed with more than just the incredible big-screen adaptation of this story. Most who were watching couldn’t take their eyes off of Brad Pitt in Fight Club. His physique for the film was rock solid to the point that

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Yoga Motivation Quotes
It can be hard to start something new, especially when it comes to something like exercise and meditation. It is hard to keep your motivation up when you feel like things aren’t going exactly as they should be. Here’s a list of yoga motivation quotes to give you the
Build Muscle Without Weights
Working out from home can bring a lot of freedom to your workout routines. You’re free to do them on your time and switch up workouts when you think you need to. Especially with concerns about going to gyms during the pandemic. The problem comes up when looking at

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Thanks for stopping in. At Energetic Lifestyle we believe that energy is the ultimate marker of wellbeing. At a healthy weight and with a clear, directed mind you experience more of that “enthusiastic” energy — that general get-up-and-go. You’re more present, engaged and connected.



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