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Maintaining healthy body weight is one of the major concerns of an average individual, particularly youths and young adults. Even though there are several ways to lose weight, it is essential to follow a healthy weight loss pattern.  An important aspect of weight loss and weight management is the

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Taking a cold shower after a workout is an incredibly rewarding and effective way to cool off after an intense workout. Moreover, a cold shower after a workout increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation. However, is this healthy or good for you? Does it have any side effects that

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How to Get More Energy infographic
Many turn to energy drinks or other artificial methods when they’re feeling a dip, but those are just short term fixes that actually result in lower energy in the medium term. Caffeine crash, anyone? Instead, we recommend focusing on natural energy boosters that leave you feeling great and make

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Salads Recipes For Weight Loss A colorful plate of food is not only great for the gram, but also great for your health. Did you know that different colors in different foods represent different antioxidants? Antioxidants block free radicals (unstable molecules) from destroying your DNA and tissues. Free radicals

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Natural Caffeine vs Synthetic Caffeine: Our Detailed Breakdown Caffeine is a stimulant that invigorates the central nervous system and the brain to alleviate fatigue and help you stay alert. The use of coffee began in Arabia during the Middle ages. Currently, this natural stimulant is widely consumed throughout the

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Best Vitamix Blender Vitamix is one of the most widely-recognised blender brands around, and for good reason. Each of its series and models is designed carefully to ensure optimal user experience and maximal power. You’ll rarely read a review stating difficulties blending with a Vitamix model. However, choosing the

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