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Spirulina Recipes
If you and your family could use a nutrition boost that will enhance immune function, detox your liver, keep cholesterol, blood-pressure and blood-sugar levels under control, protect you from certain cancers, increase strength and endurance, and improve cognitive function—well, these spirulina recipes may just be for you. Adding spirulina
Maca powder in coffee
Maca powder has been widely praised for having so many benefits. It increases your energy levels, aids menopausal women in their blood pressure, helps women balance their mood during periods, and even increases libido. It’s also shown to help build immunity with its anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce your
Mushroom protein powder
Today we’re discussing everything you need to know about mushroom protein powder, including the benefits, pros, cons and directions for taking it. One thing you probably do when you’re finished with your workout routine is to reach for your protein supplements. After all, these protein supplements will help in
Salads Recipes for Weight Loss
Salads Recipes For Weight Loss A colorful plate of food is not only great for the gram, but also great for your health. Did you know that different colors in different foods represent different antioxidants? Antioxidants block free radicals (unstable molecules) from destroying your DNA and tissues. Free radicals

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Plant-based Protein Sources
If you need to add more protein to your diet, but are not willing to put more trans-fat, cholesterol, and hormone-injected meat on your table, plant-based protein sources will pick up the slack. According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology, a focus on plant-based
Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight_
Coffee has been a popular health diet for a long time. The daily intake of coffee is a common trend, especially among office workers. Many individuals start their day with a coffee cup, while others take multiple cups throughout the day.  You may be wondering if coffee makes you
Stress, panic, anxiety—these are all reactions every one of us experiences, often daily. Adaptogens are natural substances or herbs that decrease stress levels in the body on a molecular level. Adaptogens help the body adapt—both physically and mentally. When we are in distress, the stress hormone cortisol is released,
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