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What is Mushroom Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

There’s been a new craze in the coffee world lately, and it’s not the type of mushroom you normally eat. Mushroom coffee is a new high—no, not that type of high—in the coffee industry that’s been driving hipsters and coffee connoisseurs around the block. What is mushroom coffee? Is it safe to drink? Does it

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Foods Rich in Beta-Carotene
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9 Foods Rich in Beta-Carotene

Foods Rich in Beta-Carotene Beta-carotene is an organic red-orange pigment found in fruits and vegetables. But why would you want to eat foods rich in beta-carotene? Research shows that beta-carotene is an incredibly powerful carotenoid and antioxidant with many benefits to your health. It works as a precursor to vitamin A when needed, and when

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How to Get More Greens
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How to Get More Greens in Your Diet: 6 Simple Hacks

How to Get More Greens If you’re looking for simple hacks for how to get more greens in your diet, this is the list for you. Let’s face it—we could all use more fiber, nutrition, and antioxidants in our systems, fighting off the bad guys (we’re talking free radicals, bad bacteria, and viruses). According to

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Black Maca Benefits
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The Complete Guide to Black Maca Benefits

Maca is sweeping the health-food nation with its surprising potency and undeniable health benefits, and experts are now starting to recognize black maca benefits. Strong and resilient, the maca plant grows at altitudes of up to 14,500 feet in the Andes of central Peru. For thousands of years, maca root was used medicinally by ancient

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