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Weight loss requires just as much mental energy as physical energy to succeed. If you ask people why they gave up on their weight loss, it’s rarely—”My muscles were weak that month”, it’s more often—”I just didn’t feel like going to the gym, or I missed my old diet.”

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Many turn to energy drinks or other artificial methods when they’re feeling a dip, but those are just short term fixes that actually result in lower energy in the medium term. Caffeine crash, anyone? Instead, we recommend focusing on natural energy boosters that leave you feeling great and make

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Best Ninja Blender Ninja blenders are widely acclaimed, and are often lauded for their smart designs, convenient size, and their ability to punch above their weight when it comes to power and performance. An investment in a Ninja blender rarely ends in disappointment, as the brand is reliable and
Best Citrus Juicer Who doesn’t love a glass of freshly-squeezed OJ in the morning? I know I do! That’s why today I want to present to you our favourite citrus juicers. What could be better than the satisfying sensation you get when you extract all of the juice and

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Best Single Serve Blender Single serve blenders are generally the most affordable and convenient blenders you can buy. They’re designed for the busy professional, the health-conscious student, and any other individuals that enjoy a daily fix of liquid nutrition. To save you the effort of wading through dozens of

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Coffee has been a popular health diet for a long time. The daily intake of coffee is a common trend, especially among office workers. Many individuals start their day with a coffee cup, while others take multiple cups throughout the day.  You may be wondering if coffee makes you

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